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a comforting way to use up space

These lifelike blobs of fur can be set around the house anywhere a cat might sleep, or on particular chairs where you do not want your guests to sit. Internal clockwork makes them appear to breathe or twitch occasionally. They are much too heavy to move.
-- hob, Jun 06 2001

(??) Cast Iron Cat http://www.bayliner.../2007_1130Image0010
Popular in the 1940s [csea, Dec 01 2007]

Fake sleeping cat http://www.shinyshi...urreal_cats_ar.html
Strap it to the side of your head or wear it as a hat. [skinflaps, Dec 03 2007]

icanhascheezburger http://icanhascheezburger.com/
Recommended for cat and walrus lovers [csea, Jan 17 2008]

I have some of these.
-- angel, Jun 06 2001

One could save up shed fur until one had enough to clothe a cat, then take to the Jolly Pet-Maker to have a custom Sleeping Cat made which would match your real one.
-- Dog Ed, Jun 07 2001

I'm guessing that no cats share [Dog Ed]'s life. The fur that cats shed is not the same colour as the cats themselves, it's the colour which is most conspicuous in its surroundings. I had a black-and-white cat which shed black fur on light-coloured things and white fur on dark-coloured things. My black cat sheds grey fur on the maroon carpet, and my grey cats shed all colours everywhere.
-- angel, Jun 07 2001

only one note, hob-- they shouldn't be too heavy to move. how else would you get them on and off your lap? lap time, is, after all, one of the best things about cats, and for those folks with allergies, this would be almost ideal. mmm, warm "breathing" fake cat on your lap on a cold winter night...
-- romy, Aug 02 2001

My cat is the only one I've seen that will not only sleep on top of me, but will stay on top of me if I roll over slowly. He'd do the same with my late wife. Sometimes the phone would ring and she'd say "Honey can you get that? I'm 'catatonic'."

Somehow, while being able to remove the fake cat when one wanted to get up and replace it after one re-reclined would be nice, it would also deprive one of the excuse not to move when the phone rings.
-- supercat, Jan 26 2002

they already have these.. they're made of rabbit fur and wool, around a cardboard base. they do look incredibally life like, i used to work in a place that sold them, and people would come up and tap the windows to see if they moved. they were incredibally light, and in no way were developed to the twitching extent youre talking about, but they do exist. baked already dude.. sorry
-- Zali, Jan 23 2003

The woman I live with has the back half of a faux cat which she used to latch onto the back of her car to look like pussy is trapped half in and half out. Yawn, the joke wore out after a while.
-- The Kat, Jan 23 2003

I'd want one that vibrated to simulate a heavy purring. And don't think it's for any other reason except for making it more life-like.
-- jivetalkinrobot, Aug 07 2003

do you have any pictures of these fake sleeping cats? How much do they cost? Where can I get one?
-- dandiggity, Aug 19 2003

sorry, you have to knit your own.
-- po, Aug 19 2003

Can be obtained from good gadget shops worldwide <link>
-- hazel, Aug 19 2003

Not that I'd normally advocate microwaving cats, but it would be nice if fake cats were microwavable for that lovely warm "cat on your lap" feeling. (+)
-- Taika, Aug 19 2003

I'm allergic to cats. I pendulate between liking them and not liking them, so in the right mood I might buy a fake cat. But if I turn out to be allergic to it...well...just imagine the scene now: Me, shooting every cat in sight while sneezing, weeping, rubbing my eyes and wiping my incessantly dripping nose. Maybe I'll use the fake one as a decoy.

I'm usually on the side of the cat-haters, to be honest.
-- Eugene, Aug 19 2003

Fake sleeping cats are available online at: http://www.wildlifetreasures.com They are very lifelike and make great decor for your home. There are also dog, buffalo, chickens, moose and many other animals made with rabbit or goat fur and birds made from feathers.
-- elydeb, Nov 06 2003

But, [Rods back in 2001], does one have a lap when one stands up?
-- benjamin, Nov 06 2003

So to sum up, we seem to be looking for microwavable, purring, vibrating, artificial pussies we can velcro to our laps.

Are we _quite_ sure that this idea is in the appropriate section?
-- cpt kangarooski, Mar 12 2004

I've already got one! It's like a cushion, but loads of people think it's real! Cool right?
-- Daemonicbreeze, May 06 2004

My grandparents had a decorative cat (as well as 2-3 real cats!) when I visited them as a child in the early 1960's. It was so well rendered, I thought it was real! I've kept it on our hearth for more than 25 years. Here's a pic, a bit worse for wear. [link]
-- csea, Dec 01 2007

I have one of these.It's a sleeping cat that takes a battery, once turned on the internal bellow starts working and gives the appearance of breathing.If you strap it to the side of your head and listen you can hear it purr.

-- skinflaps, Dec 03 2007

[link] I have found this site to be _really_ funny, and a good distraction. After a while, one gets past the odd spelling, and it's one of the few that actually makes me laugh out loud! Good medicine.

Most of them aren't fake.
-- csea, Jan 17 2008

I dearly miss sweet Velcro, the lissome black-and-white panther who shared my house, brought burnt offerings to the altar of our doorstep, and could concentrate all nine of her pounds into approximately .35 square inches of my ribs. Or rather, one rib.

Velcro either slept on me, or in a convenient spot in front of the woodstove. So, a black-and-white one for me, and another in Russian Blue, for her youngest kitten, who has also gone on ahead of us.

The Blue must be able to splay itself out as to interrupt all traffic in the entire house. I'm not sure how, but if it is to be at all lifelike, that is a prerequisite.

UB - I feel for you. I wept like a child when each one came to his/her end, but I can't seem to shake the need for having one around, either. Maybe this idea is a sort of methadone for cat addicts.
-- elhigh, Jan 18 2008

You could have your pet cat stuffed, but don't ask Alan Alda to do it.

(author of "Never Have Your Dog Stuffed: And Other Things I've Learned")
-- popbottle, Jun 13 2014

Probably a market for fake sleeping humans when the cats have evolved to that point.
-- not_morrison_rm, Jun 13 2014

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