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find my car keyring   (+3)  [vote for, against]
a little memo type pad on my car key ring which I adjust to give a little aid to where I parked my car

Get to work in a.m. and relieved to get a parking place - go to work - 8 hours or so later there is a daily burst of mirth from colleagues as I cannot remember where I left the car. Several times I have walked right round the block feeling desperately stupid. My little gadget will allow me to discreetly read my memo and walk proudly to the parking place first time!
-- po, Sep 26 2001

what every night? Steve
-- po, Sep 26 2001

Waugsqueke - obviously not!
-- po, Sep 26 2001

keys are always in right coat pocket wish the car was so easy to find
-- po, Sep 26 2001

I lost my car nine years ago. Still don't know where it is.
-- Lemon, Sep 27 2001

At my job - a car rental place - we actually had a guy who rented a car completely forget where he parked it. He had been on an all night bender downtown and, in his drunken stupor, passed out in the street, where his buddies then carried him to the hotel. He called us in the morning and explained the situation, so we went on a huge search. Then, two months later, we got a phone call from the police who had finally found the car. He left it at a parking garage.
-- AfroAssault, Nov 25 2001

Had something similar happen when I worked for Avis. <I didn't see it, but I was told the story> One of the people who clean the cars found something like 5 pounds of cocaine and enough guns to start a militia in the trunk of a car, and called the police. They had him put the car back, then watched it. Someone drunk off his ass was going down the row trying his key in all the cars, and they said the look on his face when he found the right one was only surpassed by the look on his face when the airport cops all jumped on him at once...
-- StarChaser, Nov 25 2001

why not have a mini lcd display that is like radar
-- Half-Life, Sep 03 2002

my problem these days is putting it somewhere that it won't get vandalised. someone recently unlocked the boot, stole a bag of dog food and locked it up again. or did I forget to got to the shop?
-- po, Sep 03 2002

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