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viewpoint for a 3d game other than 1st or 3rd person

a game where you play and control a pirate,walk around,fire a blunderbuss ,shiver timbers etc but not from the pirate's viewpoint; but that of a parrot on said pirate's shoulder
-- technobadger, Nov 15 2001

(?) silly joke- sorry
funny the 1st time I heard it [po, Nov 15 2001]

Uberhomingpigeon http://www.halfbake...ea/Uberhomingpigeon
[hippo, Nov 15 2001]

2nd person shooter http://www.halfbake..._20Person_20Shooter
[hippo, Nov 15 2001]

Ahrr…givin us the eye, he is. We'll show him.
-- reensure, Nov 16 2001

Since the view would be exactly the same as a first person view, only about 9 inches to the left, it's also baked by the numerous 1st person shooters with dodgy aiming and targetting systems.
-- pottedstu, Nov 16 2001

Avast yer lubbers. Do ye all reckon that polly'll be gawpin' in the same direction as good ol' Long John for the whole time? 'tis unlikely, methinks.
-- DrBob, Nov 16 2001

this idea has given me a headache. anyone got a painkiller? no, the parrots eat 'em all. - croissant - I want to play - do I get a hook as well?
-- po, Nov 16 2001

-- AfroAssault, Nov 17 2001

Even good copy protection will be plundered by the really good crackers, who will then give you the bird.

Man, I suck at this.
-- AfroAssault, Nov 17 2001

Don't get your feathers ruffled,'s just a flock of cheep puns.
-- StarChaser, Nov 17 2001

-- technobadger, Nov 17 2001

I was hoping that this would be something I could adapt to reduce the pigeon population.
-- angel, Nov 19 2001

[Link added to "Uberhomingpigeon" to try and prevent people repeating the whole thing here.]
-- hippo, Nov 19 2001

[Link added to "2nd person shooter", so that we don't go over that again either]

Carry on, in your own time.
-- hippo, Nov 19 2001

hippo: thanks/sorry. But why's "2nd person shooter" in the "computer: game platform" category?
-- pottedstu, Nov 19 2001

UnaBubba: Why not just use your first one?
-- StarChaser, Nov 19 2001

[pottedstu] - dunno.
-- hippo, Nov 20 2001

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