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I consider myself to be a relatively normal chap, so I'm surely not alone in my occasional rush of blood which sees me dispatch an angry email to someone during a fit of pique.

Upon discovering, say, that I've been sold something utterly useless, or that a colleague has gossiped about me at work, or that the bank has errantly charged me (again), I'm often inclined to bash away in cold fury at my keyboard.

The problem is that, with the luxury of time and mute audience, I sometimes run away with my biting, uninterrupted, Oscar-Wildesque wit and I actually go too far. So far in fact, that I say something which is pretty hard to take back next day when the dust has settled.

But there's no denying that the moment of completing the email and hitting the "send" button with all the might my index finger can muster is pretty satisfying. After a quick download, my inbox now has a small red "safe mode" button in the top corner. I press it when I'm drunk or angry, and my outbox diverts all sent emails to "" where it's stored for a 24 hour cooling off period.

After a day, the website emails your angry musings back to you, with an attached note saying "great email... very forceful... wonderfully written... blah blah blah" and advises you not to actually the original email, but counsels a little more caution.
-- Fishrat, Jun 19 2007

Short deviantART piece http://www.devianta...deviation/28849467/
Alternative wording of discussion with boss [Cosh i Pi, Jun 20 2007]

History of "cotton picking" as an intensifier http://groups.googl...d/3de871cd71531b4d/
Some of it racist, but it get mixed up with language and class. [jutta, Jun 20 2007]

I have the same problem, Fishy old chap. I generally save my devastating critique as a draft first and then come back to it an hour later when I've calmed down a bit.
-- DrBob, Jun 19 2007

Oh, and yes, apart from being a pedant, I agree with you.
-- Cosh i Pi, Jun 19 2007

There was somthing extremely similar to this posted not too long ago, but alas, I cannot find it.
-- xandram, Jun 19 2007

Hang on just a cotton-picking minute. If you are prevented from directly expressing your anger, you can't learn from the experience that follows accordingly. Stupidity is, after all, its own reward. [-]
-- nuclear hobo, Jun 19 2007

To bad unsend dosn't work, or Id still have my old job. I sent a big pile of anger to a co-worker and got canned. This is a great idea. love it, want it.
-- evilpenguin, Jun 19 2007

The term cotton pickin' minute, unfortunately used a lot by Bugs Bunny, has origins as a racial term to describe what the cotton picking slaves in the states considered a minute (considered quite long).

Maybe a better less offensive term for my bun.
-- Giblet, Jun 19 2007

perhaps he should follow that rule of thumb [Giblet]
-- CaptainClapper, Jun 19 2007

I once posted the same idea, only for mobile phone text messages.... it got boned. Funny old place, the Bakery.
-- xenzag, Jun 19 2007

give us a link and I'll vote for it.
-- po, Jun 19 2007

true enough the draft folder handles half this but the second opinion offered by hojacpm gets my vote.
-- dentworth, Jun 19 2007

I think the trouble (for me at least) with saving things as draft and then amending them later is that I never get credit for the original script. I guess this website would massage my ego enough for me to let it go.

In light of giblet's comment, and the fact that the idea is making the front of the bakery look slightly less pretty than usual, I'm changing the title to

[Cosh] thanks for the pedantry, all fiquesed now.

Oh, and [hobo], I can't believe you gave this idea a bone. I always suspected that you were a card carrying <insert your own insult here>. I'll probably regret writing that later...
-- Fishrat, Jun 20 2007

//<insert your own insult here>//

He tried that - it wouldn't fit.

Tell you what, how about just writing fiction in which the characters get to say out loud the things you can't? Instead of sending the material to a website, copy it to your dialog archive, work on it a bit and one day it will reappear in a radio play for your unsuspecting cow-orkers to download to their iPods.
-- pertinax, Jun 20 2007

[pertinax] No doubt one day my boss will see this: (link to short deviantART piece) (but I'll have retired by then, most likely - he's only got a few months left to find it...)
-- Cosh i Pi, Jun 20 2007

i don't like me mother in law...
-- abhorsen1983, Jun 21 2007

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