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ginormous swingball   (+1)  [vote for, against]
ahhh that summer classic, on a Godzilla scale.

A 10metre diameter beach ball. A 400 metre super strong nylon rope attatched to the ball at one end and the tallest most prominent building around. Swing ball from Big Ben, Empire State, leaning Tower of Pisa (whooa!). Go!
-- etherman, Jun 16 2004

I think it'd be best suspended below Gateway Arch or the Golden Gate or from the Petronas Towers skybridge.
-- bristolz, Jun 16 2004

i remember getting my basketball stuck in the rim at the house when i was a young kid. had to wait all day until dad got home from work to get it down. that sucked. (+)
-- xclamp, Jun 16 2004

swingball = tetherball?
-- half, Jun 16 2004

1. //Isn't it "ginormous?" // was supposed to be, is now and forever will be.

2. //you'd have to have six or seven people on it// 6 or 7? I'm thinking hundreds. Lunchtime swing ball for the office staff of London!

3. //be best suspended below Gateway Arch or the Golden Gate//

isn't that more like a pinata (sp?)

4.//swingball = tetherball//

I guess so. Pole stuck in your garden, string, tennis ball, smell of cut grass, sibling warfare on long hot evening. bliss.
-- etherman, Jun 17 2004

Boule d'oscillation de tour d'Eiffel.
-- FarmerJohn, Jun 17 2004

oui oui to surrender monkey swingball.
-- etherman, Jun 17 2004

cars <tabs> yellow taxis in new york, big red buses in London, Rickshaws in Beijing. for a high powered version, otherwise loads of people with energy, forget the bats, YOU ARE THE BAT.
-- etherman, Jun 17 2004

I take pleasure in boning you for saying nasty things about my submarine. Not literaly of course.
-- simonj, Jun 17 2004

ok maybe i got a bit carried away with the size. for 50m please read 'big.'

[simonj] bone away, but for the record I wasn't boning you because of your submarines. i was boning you for your utter lack of imagination.

[contracts] not funny. not because its in bad taste, but because its a poorly constructed joke.
-- etherman, Jun 17 2004

Bats? I guess it's not exactly like tetherball then.
-- half, Jun 17 2004

oh right, whats tetherball then? is it anything like heather ball who I went to school with. she was very popular too...hmmmm.
-- etherman, Jun 18 2004

Ach. Please don't say "ginormous".

Though not a tetherball, the opening ceremonies at the Seoul Summer Olympic Games featured a huge ball.
-- waugsqueke, Jun 18 2004

big balls are common (ahem), but they dont often swing from global landmarks to create a city centre extravanganza of sporting mahem. to my knowledge anyway.
-- etherman, Jun 18 2004

a coffee break!! whilst a spangly ball, lits by LED's at night, is swinging high and handsome over an historic metropolis cheered on by throngs of citizens, tssh.
-- etherman, Jun 18 2004

[simonj] I hope you were joking about fishboning [etherman] because of something he said on an unrelated idea. I don't really think ad hominem boning is in the spirit of the halfbakery.
-- spacemoggy, Jun 18 2004

hear hear moggy. his submarine did suck too.
-- etherman, Jun 22 2004

What happens when the people stop swinging the ball? It would hit the building, causing major wrecking ball damage! +
-- DesertFox, Jun 22 2004

The cool thing is that if you figure that the envelope is 7854 m^2 and made of, say, thin vinyl material roughly 0.5 kg/m^2, it would take a difference of internal and ambient temperature of about 1 degree C to cause the ball to float (at say, 24 degrees C ambient). How cool would that be?
-- Spare parts, Jun 22 2004

cool indeed. and desert fox this is not a wrecking ball, its a big beach ball, so building damage would be rather difficult.
-- etherman, Jun 23 2004

sorry guys I thought I had already edited my description. I got a litle carried away with the whole 50m diameter thing. Try 10m and stop being such big girls blouses. 3 ton? on my head son!
-- etherman, Jun 23 2004

I said I'd take pleasure in fishboning this idea because of what he said about my (unrelated) idea. I did not say that that was the reason I was boning him, only why it would be enjoyable. I gave him a bone because his idea is shite.
-- simonj, Jun 23 2004

Sounds like a Christo or Claes Oldenberg piece.
-- robinism, Jun 23 2004

Very nice idea. I like that there's built-in safety. When it's too windy to play, the wind will keep the ball from coming near the ground.
-- Worldgineer, Jun 23 2004

//[scout] sees it too. I'm not the only one who thinks that the half bakery is a forum for the foul! contracts, Jun 23 2004//

Be the change you want to see. What makes things go foul? Making the disagreement personal. For example, lines like "You can namyou ringe kyo for all I care." Lines like "Get over yourself."
-- robinism, Jun 23 2004

(psst... they were talking about dirty references. clearly you have a clean mind)
-- Worldgineer, Jun 23 2004

A Clean mind or an empty head. Either one is a plausible explanation for my misunderstanding. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt. :-)
-- robinism, Jun 23 2004

benefit of the doubt!! someone should post that... it certainley hasn't been baked in HB before.
-- etherman, Aug 11 2004

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