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goggle bra   (+2)  [vote for, against]
My eyes are down here

This fashion accessory and social talking point consists of two main components wired together.

1. VR headset type thing that covers and conceals the user's eyes and presents a tiny screen to each eye. The goggles also incorporate eye-tracking detectors so that it knows what direction each eye independently is looking in.

2. A strap around the user's chest which incorporates two realistic motorised swivelling eyeballs mounted directly in front of the user's nipples. Each contains a camera. Each camera feeds the headset goggles.

The user thus views the world from a widely spaced chest height viewpoint. People wishing to converse with the user need to look down to see into their eyes.

Perhaps best if everyone in a given social situation is wearing the device.
-- pocmloc, Sep 01 2021

medial longitudinal fasciculus https://www.quora.c...-eyes-move-together
[Voice, Sep 01 2021]

https://en.wikipedi...g/wiki/Headless_men This is the kind of look I'm thinking of [pocmloc, Sep 01 2021]

My_20Eyes_20Are_20Up_20Here_20Pendant inspiration [pocmloc, Sep 01 2021]

I'm not sure I want a view of everyone's nostrils.
-- Voice, Sep 01 2021

// it knows what direction each eye independently is looking in.//

Wouldn't you have to surgically separate a muscle to allow your eyes to track independently?
-- Voice, Sep 01 2021

My eyes don't look in parallel all the time, they converge if I am looking at something very close.
-- pocmloc, Sep 01 2021

I'm trying to picture if this would help or hinder social interactions with a neighbor of ours. He's not actually a dwarf, but his eye level is roughly the same as my wife's nipple-level. His name is Richard but she calls him Little Dick.

So... if his cameras are at HIS nipple-height, he'd usually be navel gazing? Or REALLY strain his neck to make eye contact with anyone?
-- a1, Sep 01 2021

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