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NIT for candidates for national leadership

Unfortunately, the closest category this invention can be classified under is "Conversation under Culture."

Be that as it may, considering the importance of a national leader to its people, and the destructiveness of a idiot leader, what is needed is a national intelligence test 'NIT' to be given to all aspiring national candidates for national leadership.

While this invention does not contemplate the necessity of having an absolute minimum score, it does contemplate the requirement that every political advertisement publish the results of the political candidate's NIT.
-- el dueno, Oct 30 2019

This has been in place for the U.S. presidency for at least 50 of your Earth years; a physical test (being able to walk and chew gum at the same time)*, and a mental test (being able to tell the same lie convincingly twice in succession within 24 hrs)**.

*Failed by Gerald Ford.

**Failed by Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, George Bush, George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and ... well, pretty much all of them, actually.
-- 8th of 7, Oct 30 2019

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