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Sport: Ball Game
guardian of the goalpost   (+5)  [vote for, against]
to guard them

the goalposts down at the field got broken again.

some tree branches are long wooden things

some snakes wrap themselves around them,and live in trees

the goalposts were long wooden things.

why not have a trained snake,which lives on the goalposts,is trained to not bite the kids that use the posts,but guards against breaking?maybe if they dont have enough players it could stand in for goalkeeper.
-- technobadger, Jul 23 2001

Someone posted a link to an article on an Ozzie ecologist who kept slugs and lizards in his house to devour mildew and insects. The snakes I have known, however, had minds consisting of approximately 3 instincts ("eat," "poop", "crawl-away-and-hide") and nothing else. But they may have been learning-disabled.

Croissie for tackling mindless vandalism head-on, though.
-- Dog Ed, Jul 24 2001

Goalpost security is certainly worthy of more attention than the past has seen it given. This solution is too surreal to not love.
-- The Military, Jul 28 2001

Dog Ed: That could still work. If they're small enough, 'eat'; if they're too big for eat, then 'poop', and live inside the goalpost for 'crawl away and hide'.
-- StarChaser, Aug 04 2001

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