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Pay wrenchndmachine to bake the halfbakes.

Here's the deal currently i am jobless and looking for money. i want people to pay me to make these ideas. i got skills, (wood, metals, glass, plastics, electronics, bla bla bla) and currently i have the time. So bring it on! for the price of one thin dime you can see your ideas come to life.
-- wrenchndmachine, Oct 08 2000

Guerrilla Halfbakers http://www.halfbake...rrilla_20Halfbakers
Join us, friend, and earn the respect of your community rather than simple petty cash! [beauxeault, Oct 08 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

I'd love to. But at the current NZ to US dollar exchange rate, I couldn't afford a thin dime (or even a thick one). But once I have saved up....
-- Alcin, Oct 08 2000

Can you design circuits that would run old electronics? <Vacuum tubes, Nixies in particular.> I need one done...Email me, check my website in my profile.
-- StarChaser, Oct 08 2000

Although I am not jobless, I also want to take half-baked ideas to the next level-- half-baked products! I have similar skills as wrench (machining, electronics, software). I'd work for free-- would only need to pay for materials. wrench and I (and others) can work together. So come on you monetarily laden half-bakers(is this an oxymoron?), hire us already!
-- sh4linux, Dec 01 2000

Like I said, if you can design circuits for Nixie tubes, I want one done...
-- StarChaser, Dec 02 2000

hey, wrench, and email would be nice :)
-- ironfroggy, Feb 01 2001

Finally, someone skilled in the ancient crafting art known as "bla bla"
-- Wes, Feb 01 2001

Actually, he's a master as he has added the third, and most blessed, bla.
-- bristolz, May 06 2003

Hey wrenched. How'd it go since 2000?

Did you ever get anything done? Did StarChaser like your work?
-- pashute, Mar 29 2011

[wrenchndmachine] posted this idea in August of 2000, slightly over 30 annos in the next two months, and was never seen again.

Probably fell into one our/his creations and has yet to be rescued.
-- normzone, Mar 29 2011

[vernon], meet [wrenchndmachine]. [wrenchndmachine], meet [vernon].
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 29 2011

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