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...for the slashdot guy

People don’t always have a photo posted in online discussion sites. Even if they do, their personality can create certain imagined images.

This idea is to build a web site where people draw faces, based on what they think a user’s appearance is. Other members could rate the drawings in a poll. Rate on realism vs. fantasy, on whether or not the subject drew it himself, etc. Or members could submit descriptions, try to produce a consensus, then assign a person to draw the face. All from people who’ve never met you in person. Do you dare to see how others “see” you?

Draw with simple computer sketch artist software like Hoyle Games characters use [link]. The pictures can then be grouped by the various sites that have anonymous user names. It’s not limited to (or necessarily designed for) this site.

"Physiognomy" is the practice of divining someone's personality by facial features and body structure. But this idea is about guessing a person's appearance based mostly on what they've written.
-- Amos Kito, Oct 08 2003

Hoyle Games' Facemaker.
A feature of that game software lets you create an "avatar". [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Apr 29 2012]

Halfbakery psychological types. http://www.halfbake...ychological_20types
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Halfbakery Database http://www.halfbake...lfbakery_20Database
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Baked by yours truly on this idea.
But I’m not saying who I think it is. [Shz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Physiognomy Software: Draw someone and it tells you their personality.
This doesn't seem to do the reverse (draw, based on personality). But if it did, it would be getting close to my idea. Except that it's a computer guess rather than a human guess. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

"On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog"
Peter Steiner cartoon in The New Yorker [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Just about everyone here generates a face in my mind. +
-- galukalock, Oct 08 2003

I like this very much.
-- bristolz, Oct 08 2003

Mmm, nice. Is there any online "Identikit"-style face-construction software that could be used?
-- hippo, Oct 08 2003

Actually, it'd be kind of fun to get 10-15 of the users here to donate a face pic of themselves and then someone could build a halfbakery identi-kit. Everyone would end up looking like DrCurrBubbaksraAO­hippoTigersqueakmiss.
-- bristolz, Oct 08 2003

Could be scary. On the other hand it could be fun to try. Anyone who wants to send me a scan of a passport photo will be added to an identikit which I'll post back here.
-- hippo, Oct 08 2003

It's interesting how different people can be from your perception of them. I was quite surprised when I got an idea of blissmiss's age (I expected her to be around my age). Also, the first time I saw a picture of DrCurry, I thought it was a fake that he had cribbed from somewhere on the internet.

People still sometimes assume that I'm male which amuses me.

I really like this idea (+).
-- madradish, Oct 08 2003

//People still sometimes assume that I'm male which amuses me.// Me too.
-- PeterSilly, Oct 08 2003

Silly :P
-- madradish, Oct 08 2003

////People still sometimes assume that I'm male which amuses me.// Me too.////me too :)
-- po, Oct 08 2003

In my halfbakery infancy I thought UnaBubba was a one-breasted woman.

(I love the idea, by the way)
-- squeak, Oct 08 2003

Guess who I'm picturing with a grumpy expression. And one of you has always been a wrinkled old man, sitting cross-legged. Great idea +.
-- lintkeeper2, Oct 08 2003

//People still sometimes assume that I'm male //...

If only I was afforded that luxury!
-- Jinbish, Oct 08 2003

madradish, et al: Sheesh - everyone who's seen my photo tells me how different I looked from their mental image. Guess I should fishbone this idea...
-- DrCurry, Oct 08 2003

What’s the big mystery? Didn’t I see all of you here last night <one unsteady foot on the bar rail, pluter starts to waver> Dr. Curry with his head made outta an old cue ball and UB <crashes to floor> with her single monstrous boob, oh yes...and po the mysterious gentleman who rushed at me from under the stairs when...<now hippo takes pluter’s abandoned seat, blocking our view. Sadly, pluter’s final words were lost in the general hubbub of the bakery, which she had somehow mistaken for the Old Pink Dog Bar>

-- pluterday, Oct 08 2003

I can't see how this could possibly be a good thing for me.
-- waugsqueke, Oct 08 2003

I dunno - there's only so much a Yoda lookalike could say. I'm waiting for your voice overs.
-- PeterSilly, Oct 08 2003

[hippo] Passport photos? Are you serious? You’d be better off collecting our most recent mug shots, or even high school yearbook pictures. And what about all those Canadians who aren’t allowed to smile?
-- AO, Oct 08 2003

No? Why not?
-- k_sra, Oct 08 2003

Something about face recognition software for security purposes.....seems rather American Gothic to me.
-- lintkeeper2, Oct 08 2003

I can't help but wonder.
-- Detly, Oct 08 2003

I look just like my voice sounds, but taller.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 09 2003

<giggles> Actually, DrC you weren't too different to what I had pictured. That was the scary thing.
-- madradish, Oct 09 2003

Okay, my curiosity has been sated. But I won't tell you which pictures I'm saving.
-- Detly, Oct 09 2003

I meant, I won't tell you *who's* pictures I'm saving. ;P
-- Detly, Oct 26 2003

Tom Baker?
-- po, Oct 27 2003

An excellent idea. This is effectively a transformation of written text to human facial image. Once you had gathered enough data you could do some mining and try to discover which written features lead the average reader to assume that the writer is grotesque or shiny or huge or pubescent etc. With enough data you could automate the process and create a web site where one could submit a record of one's written works and see the average reader's view of oneself. Just in case this text ever gets included in such an analysis, here are some keywords to influence how I'd like other to see me: rippling, gargantuan, ethereal, quirky, better stop or self-obsessed will be suggested.
-- dobtabulous, Oct 27 2003

as a newbie here i am constantly trying to figure out who's male or female. part of the fun maybe. but also a lot of the charm of the internet is not knowing what people look like because of the instant mental associations we have with looks and age and all that. as for people drawing pics of each other, based on some of the criticism here that could be pretty scary. still, a great idea.
-- aquamarine, Oct 27 2003

I tend to significantly underestimate people's ages, it would seem.
-- Detly, Oct 27 2003

//...for the slashdot guy//
Then "let's do something" with that Summary...
-- Amos Kito, Oct 28 2003

Is this baked yet? I want to participate.
-- k_sra, Oct 29 2003

No I don't, see [link].
-- k_sra, Oct 30 2003

//seems rather American Gothic (to me.)// whatever happened to that?
-- po, Oct 30 2003

Too much fun! But since most of my posts are in the food section, I'd be afraid people would draw me to look like a little, chubby housewife.
-- tchaikovsky, Nov 06 2003

Are you a little, chubby housewife?
-- k_sra, Nov 06 2003

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