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po's resolution for the new year

1.lose weight 2. stop eating meals at my p.c. 3. sleep more regularly 4.stop sending drunken emails

[m-f-d] I never keep them for more than a week
-- po, Dec 30 2001

Article from HWM http://www.happywom...eatures/newyear.htm
This may help... [notripe, Jan 05 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

I've managed to keep a resolution for the last 15 years...'Not to make any more stupid new year's resolutions'.
-- StarChaser, Dec 30 2001

Now that I have internet at home for the first time and don't have to grab the odd half hour at work, my resolution: halfbake even more! Joy! Happy days! Bring it on! Tickle me with a feather and .........
-- sven3012, Dec 30 2001

star - ggggrrr you calling me stupid?
-- po, Dec 30 2001

<grins> Po, have I put the make on you yet?
-- StarChaser, Dec 30 2001

what does that mean?
-- po, Dec 30 2001

'put the make on' = 'hit on' = 'make advances to / on'...
-- StarChaser, Dec 30 2001

Oh no, I don't believe you have, what the f*** are you waiting for?
-- po, Dec 30 2001

1) Post a really, tremendously, stupendous idea.
2) Don't get upset when someone tries to tell me it's baked without (apparently) reading the idea.
-- phoenix, Dec 30 2001

-- bristolz, Dec 30 2001

A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERY ONE OF YOU AND a special x to one of you (u know who u r) Please god make this a very peaceful & harmonious new year. let us find some sanity and love and humour in 2002 with love to you all

p.s ssshh is that better?
-- po, Dec 31 2001

[po] Since you're only talking to one of us, you needn't shout.
-- phoenix, Jan 01 2002

I vow not to kill unless provoked
-- thumbwax, Jan 01 2002

I vow not to provoke unless killed.

No, wait...
-- phoenix, Jan 01 2002

I resolve to strive to realise the possibility for potential irony in every situation i come across on the third teusday of every month beginning with 'M'.
-- [ sctld ], Jan 01 2002

I've got to make it pointless some how...
-- [ sctld ], Jan 02 2002

peter, not the one with bliss and the lubricant oil, surely?
-- po, Jan 02 2002

I plan to create an impressive list of resolutions for 2003, can't start these things too early you know.
-- bluerowan, Jan 03 2002

I will only eat the foods I really love on days of the week with an "A" in them.
-- Alcin, Jan 03 2002

I really must do some work when I'm at work.
-- angel, Jan 03 2002

I must carry on doing nothing at work.
-- sven3012, Jan 03 2002

Canuck resolves to refer to himself in the third person* this year. He will now receive comments from the 1/2B membership.

(* Please note he does not mean Third Person Plural Conditional Past Perfect Continuous form)
-- Canuck, Jan 05 2002

she tried this once, but it did not help weight reduction, sleepless nights or drunken emails in the slightest
-- po, Jan 05 2002

Oh Ian, what a splendid resolution! I hope you're not intending to go monochrome though.

Myself, I'm intending to cut down on tightrope walking, glue sniffing, and crack cocaine.
-- zen_tom, Jan 03 2007

all at once? good idea!
-- po, Jan 03 2007

Confucious evidently never tried tighrope walking whilst under the influence of solvents and crack.

...Ahhh those heady days...

-- zen_tom, Jan 03 2007

//stop sending drunken emails// - I kind of wish there was some way to physically prevent this.
-- Zimmy, Jan 03 2007

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