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August 11th, of course.

In honor of jutta's opus, and to fill up a mostly-unexciting month with another holiday that we all get to take off (maybe call it a religious holiday?), I say we celebrate HB's birthday every year on the date noted as "everything is new" on the news page. We'll have to make 2001's a double shot, because we seem to have missed 2000's.
-- absterge, Jan 02 2001

This being the halfbakery, we only celebrate its birthday every other year. Natch.
-- centauri, Jan 02 2001

good call, centauri! so we're right on schedule for the first bi-annual halfbirthday, then! hahahah...
-- absterge, Jan 02 2001

Everyone up for a game of What-if Chess over at jutta's place to celebrate?
-- PotatoStew, Jan 02 2001

Sure. I'll be there in a jiffy. Let me just calibrate my Hyperspace Keychain and ho
-- centauri, Jan 03 2001

Wouldn't a halfbirthday more properly be six months after a birthday? February 11th, in this case.
-- egnor, Jan 03 2001

It's what you give after you've been a little pregnant.
-- jutta, Mar 03 2001

-- PotatoStew, Mar 03 2001

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