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Business: ATM: PIN
headbutt pin   (+15)  [vote for, against]
using forehead recognition technology

shopping till you dropped? armed with designer carrier bags? no more hands for fine dextrous agility - never mind that you've forgotten your pin with all the worry about how you will finance all these purchases?

fear not - just insert your card into the ATM (with your teeth if necessary) and headbutt the machine.
-- po, May 31 2010

Lunar Biometrics Lunar_20Biometrics
The other end of the, er, spectrum. [Wrongfellow, May 31 2010]

Facial Piano facial_20piano
other uses for the head [pocmloc, Jun 01 2010]

Works for buns and fishbones too. <conk!>[+]</c!>
-- swimswim, May 31 2010

//insert your card into the ATM (with your teeth if necessary)// where do you keep the card? How do you extract it from there with your teeth? Apart from these questions I think this is a very good idea.
-- pocmloc, May 31 2010

Why would you want to carry your own shopping?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, May 31 2010

Glaskow kiss?
-- 4whom, May 31 2010

In my world this is known as SIB and you would be required to wear a helmet at all times. So you may not want me to vote. I'm jaded. However, as a former shoppy type, I do see the need for this. So+
-- blissmiss, Jun 01 2010

I drive up to the ATM in my car, so is there a way I can get it with banging the car into the machine?
-- xandram, Jun 01 2010

This idea discriminates against those with no foreheads, just huge eyebrow ridges and a single very bushy eyebrow running right across, like the welsh.
-- 8th of 7, Jun 01 2010

funny [8th] but I picture you as exactly like that. :)
-- po, Jun 01 2010

But perhaps in a more metallic hue...
-- Jinbish, Jun 01 2010

<starts lame Rom/Ram joke and changes mind>
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 01 2010

But how will you generate the Panic PIN version?
-- RayfordSteele, Jun 01 2010

bleed from the head?
-- po, Jun 01 2010

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