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hulkified wardrobe   (+2)  [vote for, against]
for expressing just how pissed off you are

there has never been a character who personifies utter rage than that lovable big green bastard 'The Hulk.'

Hulk Clothing Co. for a small fee will come round and 'hulkify' your clothing by inserting velcro and pop fastenener seams and installing small canisters of green body paint spray to your belt.

SO the next time someone cuts in front of you in a queue,

Rahhhhhrrr!!! clotheless green mayhem is unleashed!!!!!
-- etherman, Jul 02 2004

Nice... I have to admit that I thought the title read "HUNK-ified wardrobe" when I first clicked on it. I guess I was preparing myself to mark it as baked, since anything in my wardrobe would clearly already be "hunkified", right ladies?... ok ok, now I have to admit that that is a lie - neither my clothes or myself are very "hunk-ish". I suppose I was drawn to it in a desire to see how I could change that...
-- luecke, Jul 02 2004

no mate this really has nothing to do with your lady love making and everything to do with unleashing the rage within.
-- etherman, Jul 14 2004

Don't make me angry.
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 23 2004

but if you were hulkified at least I would be impressed!!
-- etherman, Aug 23 2004

bun for a hulk of a guy.
-- dentworth, Aug 23 2004

Incredible. [+]
-- harderthanjesus, Aug 23 2004

you guys must be green with envy... ho ho hmm
-- etherman, Aug 24 2004

Anyone else thing this was just padded shirts and pants?


Alrighty then.
-- shapu, Aug 24 2004

Having given my brother in law a pair of "Hulk Hands" for xmas (complete with sound effects when you whack someone with them), I can appreciate how cool this would really be. Worth doing once.

[shapu] - It wasn't very clearly set out, but when I read this I saw inflatable green bags inside your clothing that would pressurise, ripping your clothes open.
-- wagster, Aug 24 2004

correct <wagster> this would be an instant and dramatic change. within a split second you would be green and pissed.
-- etherman, Aug 25 2004

Is that US "pissed" (ie angry) or UK "pissed" (ie drunk)?
-- wagster, Aug 29 2004

pissed has both meanings in UK.
-- po, Aug 29 2004

In the end, [wagster], one very often leads to another.
-- shapu, Aug 29 2004

It was actually a US pissed. I on the other hands was the UK/Irish pissed at time of anno.
-- etherman, Aug 31 2004


Baked this with the kids as a practical joke on a colleague who was leaving to go touring the world. It's his last day today.

He's a big marvel comics fan. So we had it set up that all the class of lower sixths that he had refused to do their work in class and they all started to get really angry with him... they all started hyperventilating with rage, then the student at the front of the class said demonically... 'Mr. Mc Hugh, don't make us angry... you wont like as when we're angry,' at which point they all lept on their tables ripping their 'doctored' shirts off to reveal green body paint whilst screaming and frothing at the mouth. He near shit a brick.

Plus me and half the teacing staff were secretly hiding in his store room. We came out and presented him with his leaving gift. He was shocked startled and a little teary eyed by the whole experience. Top drawer.
-- etherman, Feb 25 2005

Got photos?
-- wagster, Feb 25 2005

Christ i was already treading a fine line having kids tearing their shirts off in class. Taking photos of semi naked school kids is somewhat frowned upon. i know, I know pc gone mad etc etc.
-- etherman, Feb 25 2005

Ah, hadn't thought of that. Probably best you didn't.
-- wagster, Feb 25 2005

I wish more of the guys in school could have seen it. Turns out there is actually a polaroid of the guys with Mickey, post hukification, taken by one of the art students. But even if i had a scanner I aint gonna put pictures of my students online, sorry.
-- etherman, Feb 25 2005

Sounds reasonable.
-- wagster, Feb 25 2005

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