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Play your MP3 files through bagpipes

It was late, and I was tired. I was about to turn off my computer and go to bed when my brain ordered me to check in at the halfbakery.

After I logged in my attention was drawn to "Transparent Bagpipes" and "Bagtones" and for some reason my sleep-deprived mind mangled these two titles together to create iPipes.

iPipes is a portable music player you carry under your arm and blow into to power up, much as you would your traditional bagpipes. But instead of needing the ablity to read music or have any musical talent whatsoever you simply plug in your handy USB flash drive which is chock full of your favourite MP3 music and Viola! your iPipes player, using a simple digital-to-analog conversion technology, plays each stored song entirely on the bagpipes!

Imagine the looks you'll get walking down the street with a song like "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC wailing from your player. How easy will it be to lull your kids to sleep to the strains of "Mockingbird". Feel the chill run down your spine when you and a dozen or so friends sync your iPipes players using the special Bluetooth adapter to play "We're Not Going To Take It" en masse.
-- Canuck, Sep 02 2007

But can we have something that enables the bagpipes to really play themselves, so we don't have to sit there puffing air into the thing?
-- DrCurry, Sep 02 2007

What no MIDI interface?
-- LoriZ, Jul 21 2009

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