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ice-cream vans operate on a very hit and miss method of trading at present so:

fancy an ice-cream? no ice-cream van in the road? set off your ice-cream alarm above your front door which plays (very loudly) an assortment of merry tunes (popeye the sailor man, o sole mio, the entertainer, greensleeves, I love to go a-wandering, along the mountain track, and as I go, I love to sing, my knapsack on my back. chorus: val-deri, val-de-ra val-deri ...

sorry, got carried away there

failing that and the ice-cream vendor has gone a bit mutton, then you should be able to telephone your nearest van and get a cornet delivered.
-- po, Jul 17 2010

As a boy, I chased my share of ice cream trucks. The trick was to listen for the music and run in that direction. As I understand this invention, you would play this music at your front door to attract the ice cream trucks? Would it not also attract a herd of neighborhood kids who would also arrive at your front door ready for another blood sugar spike? This would work if there was, in fact, an ice cream truck in the vicinity, and if it answered the call --- it would then service not only you, but all the kids as well. But what do you do with a whole nest of sullen kids now plotting revenge for being hoodwinked?
-- Grogster, Jul 17 2010

well I did consider that it would be in the ice-cream vendor's interest if other *kids* turned up to buy as well. I don't have a problem with that.
-- po, Jul 17 2010

Easy. Poisoned ice-cream, MUWHAHAHAHAHA !

-- 8th of 7, Jul 17 2010

Thank you, [8th], problem solved then. Buns away!!! [+]
-- Grogster, Jul 17 2010

There's a great Morcambe & Wise sketch in which a police car, with siren, is heard going past at speed in the background. Morcambe stops what he's saying, glances towards the window and says "He'll never sell any ice creams, going at that rate"
-- hippo, Jul 17 2010

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