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Science: Health: Vascular
internal armoured cable   (+3, -2)  [vote for, against]
cable armour around arteries and other things inside

similar to the metal thing on some public telephones,around the wire,or maybe a flexible tube on a shower or something, many of them inside. a flat object with a bullet hitting it straight on,compared to a bullet hitting a flat object at a sharp angle,or a thin round object
-- technobadger, Jan 05 2002

It seems very dangerous to install.
-- mephisto, Jan 05 2002

I'm not sure how you could fit this round the outside of an artery, what with all the little arteries and capillaries coming off it. Most arteries are quite deep in the body. You wouldn't want to put the lining *inside* the artery either. Maybe a little stretch of tubing round the artery at particularly exposed regions (the neck) might be possible.

But even then, part of the point of a bullet proof vest is that it spreads the impact throughout the vest, so that the force of the impact is spread over a larger area of the body. You wouldn't get the same effect with a tube round an artery, and I'd worry that you'd end up with the tube breaking under impact and severing the artery anyway.
-- pottedstu, Jan 06 2002

They do this for weak/blocked arteries. They're called stints (or stents). The guy who invented the Segway also invented the stint currently in use by U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney.
-- phoenix, Jan 06 2002

What if a wearer of internal armor needs surgery on a protected reigion? The time required to remove the armor could be the difference between life and death.
-- mephisto, Jan 06 2002

This sounds a bit like Wolverine, the Marvel superhero and X-man, who has has bones laced with adamantium (a mythical, utilmately tough metal). However it is certainly quite imaginative though.
-- Aristotle, Jan 06 2002

Why not just tattoo kevlar over the important parts? Stents are short, and full of holes (think expanded metal grating) that's why they don't significantly impair blood flow.
-- BigNateMI, Oct 04 2003

You have to be careful - even with stents - about clotting and blockages in the area of the stent. This would be an invitation to a number of problems.
-- Orion, Oct 04 2003

How about a hard metal sock around the jugular?
-- kerspamer, Oct 08 2003

Remember to cut the toes off first.
-- st3f, Oct 08 2003

I give you a bun for originality. In exchange, I ask you to capitalize the first letters in your sentences, use two or more sentences in describing an idea, and describe your comparison in such a way that it makes sense.
-- ye_river_xiv, Feb 06 2008

Worth pointing out that you're six years late with that request, [y-r-x]...
-- david_scothern, Feb 07 2008

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