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Vehicle: Car: Bumper
jet bumper?   (0)  [vote for, against]
explosive chemical jet bumper

The idea is to use an explosive chemical jet to slow down a car before impact thus lessening the impact speed. I say explosive meaning a reaction expanding at greater than the speed of sound and creating a mini sonic boom. This kind of chemical jet would be cheap and single use since the bumper would be damaged by the impact anyway. This could also be wired to the anti-lock brakes and could provide additional braking power in a panic situation. Problems: chemical burns to pedestrians?
-- WhiteWiz, Mar 01 2004

From the halbakery archives: "Car Thrust Reversers 2" http://www.halfbake...ust_20Reversers_202
Not quite the same idea but related, sorta'. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

It'd be fun to watch, at least.
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 02 2004

//could also be wired to the anti-lock brakes //

So the first time I drive on icy roads, my bumper blows up? No thanks. What about if I rear-end a guy because he cuts me off and I hit him before I can even react? Does my bumper (on the front of my car) ignite his now ruptured fuel tank (usually in the back of the car), engulfing us all in a large fireball? Again, No thanks.

Big exploded fishbone.
-- Freefall, Mar 02 2004

You could put a bag onto the end of the exploding gas, and have an external airbag.
-- kropotkin, Mar 02 2004

Sort of like reactive armor, for a car bumper?
-- bungston, Mar 02 2004

Trying to slow something with as much inertia as a moving car using compressed air would be a feat. Yes the first time you try and panic stop on icy roads the chemical jet would assist your stopping. It would only work once, which is once more than your current bumper does. If you don't have time to react it helps just as much as your current bumper does. Since it is a chemical reaction and not a nuclear bomb it would ignite nothing. After it went off you would need to replace the solid chemical propellant.
-- WhiteWiz, Mar 03 2004

What about all those "contact parkers", will their bumper explode the first time they try to parallel park? If so will they have to pay for any damage (e.g. abrasion to paintwork) from their insurance?
-- suctionpad, Mar 03 2004

I think the triggering problem can be fixed - just interlock the ABS with a proximity sensor. If you're slamming on your brakes and there's an object inches away from you, the jets turn on. This being said, I like [bung]'s idea much better than explosive jets.
-- Worldgineer, Mar 03 2004

following up with [worldgineer]'s idea, add a deccelleration meter to that proxy sensor and then the jets only go off if something is approching at a critical speed.

I don't imagine this would work with sensors for slow speed ice related collisions.
-- SystemAdmin, Mar 04 2004

I'll bun this idea if we can find a way to have the chemical reaction create a big sac of lovely, squishy custard to cushion the impact. I can't imagine many pedestrians being upset by being hit with a bag o'custard instead of a car bumper.
-- Canuck, Mar 04 2004

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