Product: Garbage Can
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the sticky trashcan

ripping off [BrauBeaton] and disposable rocks. Flat bottomed bin stays on its flat base. No magic, bad sience, pun,...... oh is this turning into a list...?
-- the dog's breakfast, Aug 10 2007

Wikipedia: Johansson/Gauge blocks
[jutta, Aug 10 2007]

Scarlett Johansson
[normzone, Aug 10 2007]

Van der Waals force http://en.wikipedia...Van_der_Waals_force
[nuclear hobo, Aug 11 2007]

Molecular attraction http://en.wikipedia...olecular_attraction
[nuclear hobo, Aug 11 2007]

Gauge blocks
[nuclear hobo, Aug 11 2007]

-- hippo, Aug 10 2007

because its magic?
-- the dog's breakfast, Aug 10 2007

Because it has no content/s.
-- skinflaps, Aug 10 2007

so a full trashcan is preferred?
-- the dog's breakfast, Aug 10 2007

I think something has been lost in translation...
-- theleopard, Aug 10 2007

Thanks [skinflaps] it's now a trashcan.
-- the dog's breakfast, Aug 10 2007

Whatever I'm missing must be fantabulous, because this idea really seams like a wet towel.
-- evilpenguin, Aug 10 2007

I think it's a reference to Johansson blocks. They are engineering measuring aids that are so frickin' flat that "the ultra-smooth surfaces in this manner permits molecular attraction to occur between the blocks, and forms a very strong bond . .."
-- baconbrain, Aug 10 2007

"Jo blocks" ? Also known as gage blocks?

An "engineering measuring aid" ?

I want to come work where you work. No engineer I've ever met has so much as touched a gage block.

They're inspection tools in my world.

Thanks for explaining the reference, it went right by me.
-- normzone, Aug 10 2007

I've never seen one either. I guess they are actually used as precise standards, which probably relates to inspection, yes.
-- baconbrain, Aug 10 2007

I've spent many an hour using them to construct precise reference sets, then either confirming a part made good or making a vendor cry.
-- normzone, Aug 10 2007

It'll be painted Scarlett, of course.
-- lostdog, Aug 10 2007

gauge blocks are actually one of the few items with which one can clearly demonstrate the effect of Vanderwahl's forces.(the same force that keeps Geckos on walls)
-- jhomrighaus, Aug 11 2007

[lostdog], great minds think alike.
-- theleopard, Aug 11 2007

Now all you need is a light film of oil and a precision ground and lapped Johansson driveway to wring the trashcan to. [+]
-- nuclear hobo, Aug 11 2007

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