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Business: Hair Salon
joint hair salon/electronics retailer   (+2)  [vote for, against]
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having hair styled takes a while,and so does sifting through the various electrical products, therefore customer could do their shopping while the hairdresser does the customer's hair. the electrical items could be in a glass case so as not to get cut hair on them,which scroll by on a conveyor belt.
-- technobadger, Feb 15 2001

it's both. http://scidiv.bcc.c...s/electric-hair.gif
[Amos Kito, Oct 17 2004]

this idea also makes palatable the thought of taking your spouse to the hairdresser.

there is a women's clothing botique in soho, nyc, that has a few web terminals in the front so boyfriends have something to do.
-- gnormal, Feb 15 2001

around here, we call this place "Wal-Mart" ...OK, not quite what you had in mind, but some do have salons.
-- danrue, Feb 15 2001

I like it. I'm in favor of multitasking for any activity where you're trapped for more than a few minutes. I'm picturing a large salon the shape of a donut, with a center glass case slowly turning by all of the chairs. Inside the glass case are electronics items, as well as other small items. If you see something you like, tell the stylist.

On second thought, electronics might not be the best application - too much knowlege required for a hair stylist. Groceries? Maybe. Shiny things, like jewelry? Seems logical.
-- Worldgineer, May 23 2003

I actually think that the best part of going to a hair salon to get your hair done is that for the time you're standing on that chair you can't worry about anything. The hair stylist looks carefully at your precious hair, pays attention to every cut, and even takes charge of the position of your head. he is in control of it all !

So you put your hair into some other person's hands and you're powerless of controling that person's actions.. how could you be concerned about something as insignifiantly important as elecronics ?
-- sweet, May 27 2004

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