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photographic microblogging

A microblogging site similar to twitter, but each entry is a single image instead of text.

Not a photo archive site like flickr or photobucket where people upload entire albums, but instead: A site where people upload a single timestamped image showing how they feel or what they're thinking about at a given moment.

Think of it as a social networking website for the aphasic.
-- PhaseShifter, Apr 08 2009

1000 word picture 1000_20word_20picture
not the same [calum, Apr 08 2009]

Nice idea - probably best suited for tight integration with mobile camera-phones and similar devices
-- hippo, Apr 08 2009

try twitpic for this - you can take a photo with your phone & send it to your twitpic address, or upload an image. it is automatically tweeted, with a caption if desired.

and if you don't want people to have to view your twitter account and click through to the pictures, they could always just view your twitpic page. it's like a feed of images that way.
-- paix120, Apr 08 2009

I like the idea, although filtering for inappropriate images would be a problem.

I actually like the lack of text - it makes it more creative
-- miasere, Apr 08 2009

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