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trips answering machine & light

A device which is triggered by a small laser device inside a lock. When this laser is interrupted, it trips programmable lights within the house and perhaps the answering machine. Maybe it'd trip the coffee machine?
-- jimithing, Dec 13 2001

Doesn't have to be a laser. My Acura turns on its interior lights when I insert the key in the door lock. I seriously doubt that is uses a laser for that. If you insist that you trip the light lock-tastic, a simple LED will probably suffice. Granted, the word "laser" does have a certain panache to it.
-- bristolz, Dec 13 2001

Took me a second, but you want a house (or appliances) that know when you come home? I'm pretty sure that's baked.
-- phoenix, Dec 14 2001

Yeah, that's pretty much X10. I don't get where the laser comes in, though.
-- jutta, Dec 14 2001

Nah, he wants the laser to trip the coffee machine, answering machine, etc. This is appliance abuse, plain and simple.
-- beauxeault, Dec 14 2001

Film: Demolition Man. Also an episode of The Simpsons where Pearce Brosnan is the voice of an intelligent house that cooks, cleans, makes coffee and tries to kill Homer... Yep, seen this before!
-- sven3012, Dec 14 2001

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