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Portable PCs should have a light sensor and adjust the display brightness depending on the environmental brightness.
-- jutta, Apr 08 1999

Ambient Light Sensor http://www.pctechgu...sary/08displays.htm
Some of them already do.. [Jim, Apr 08 1999]

One of my recent ideas! Face_20based_20pres...n_20_26_20_20more!!
Which probably means it is still not baked!! [kamathln, May 20 2009]

These exist in TVs (my friend a long time ago had a big old console TV with a photoresistor that adjusted the brightness).
-- amadeus, Aug 30 2000

Thats right, my TV (a simple JVC) has an option that adjust brightness by reading the brightness in the room.
-- enveekaa, Aug 30 2000

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