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Limericks distilled to Haiku

When you are unsure if you want to dedicate the time to read an entire limerick, get a synopsis in the condensed to the 5-7-5 syllable format. But be warned -- these don’t rhyme!

Man from Nantucket
Hid life savings thoughtlessly.
Daughter was a thief.

Now the pelican
Can hold much food in his beak.
Hell, I don’t know how.

Two classy people,
Pretty from head to torso,
Never had children.

Reference “higherku” [link], since it’s dedicated to further abbreviating Haiku.
The first limku could be compressed to the higherku:

“man bucket nantucket”
-- Amos Kito, Aug 25 2003

[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

This one is good too./Your conversation is changed/to Speak in Haiku. http://www.halfbake.../Speak_20in_20Haiku
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Other way doesn't http://www.futility...03/10/form-fitting/
There was a young man from Honshu
Who tried limericks in haiku,
[Dub, Mar 10 2013]

Man from Nantucket
Was generously endowed.
His ear was not safe.

(Surely everyone's heard that one...?)
-- Detly, Aug 25 2003

A woman named Anne.
Gives very good head, she can.
Turn's out she's a man!

-- DeathNinja, Aug 26 2003

Huge Dairy State man
Proudly displayed his unit
in public places
-- Vexxy, Aug 26 2003

Alternative limku construction, a replay from Lifeless Limericks:

I once met a man,
Japanese. A limerick,
He wrote with ease, but,

When it was done, he
Did not want one, but double,
Haiku poems, these.
-- FarmerJohn, Aug 26 2003

Chaucer is sadly neglected.
-- po, Aug 26 2003

Good thinking Rods...

From Shoreham hailing,
A Youth, paper-legg-ed, strode.
O’er-stretched. Breeches breeched.

-- DrBob, Aug 26 2003

Or try Haimericks -
Exactly the same, but still:
Wondrous maneuver!

-- lostdog, Aug 26 2003

Chaucer is thankfully overlooked.
-- waugsqueke, Aug 26 2003

Old Peruvian
dreamt he ate his shoes again
Not a dream, it was.
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 26 2003

More permutations-
Lifeless shakespeare poetry
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 26 2003

//Chaucer is thankfully overlooked//

Shakespeare, and some others, work well in Haiku, due to the structure of the prose. Someone's probably already done it -- I haven't researched that.


Wretch upon on my door,
Leave me in my loneliness?
Raven: “Nevermore”.
-- Amos Kito, Aug 26 2003

Man with name Eenis
Was endowed like a donkey...
(Not for children, this)
-- custardlove, Aug 26 2003

1) (Truncated):
A young man I knew,
His limku stopped at line two

2) (More truncated):
A man from Verdun,

3) (The one about Nero):
-- spidermother, Jun 05 2011

Hickory dick dock,
Something hairy in a clock,
Exiting at one

-- mylodon, Dec 06 2017

Belated <applause> for [Farmerjohn]'s contribution.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 06 2017

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