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You dont have to get out of the water

Install man-made hill with stepped concrete lined locks to convey inner-tubed water park patrons up to the level the rides start. No more wet black sandpaper stairs
-- evilpenguin, Dec 14 2010

This would make getting up to the top ponderously slow. This is a good thing, in my book, as it'll lull the rider into a hypnagogic state, drowsing along, not noticing the chill as they climb higher into the cloudbase, before gaaaaaaarg! allofasudden plunging down through the waterslide, faster faster, only really coming to fractions of a second before you spurt out the pipe and hit the water, face first.

But the other thing, the main thing, is that I am slightly disappointed that this isn't an architectural folly for a suburban dwellings: don your inflatable bananashoes and stand in the base lock, water flow shifting you up the "stairs", one lock at a time, until you arrive at the first (or second, depending on custom) floor the next afternoon.
-- calum, Dec 14 2010

Now there's a thought: a lock-based elevator i.e. hydraulically lifted. With fish. And see-through walls and floor.
-- Ling, Jan 25 2011

This would also be good for watery rides for which there's a long queue. Ascending lockishly in whilst queueing would be less tedious than moving up one stair every three minutes.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 25 2011

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