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Website hooking up people with similar probable times of death.

Based on uber life insurance type statistics. Eliminate, or at least ameliorate the pain of separation, yippee!
-- daseva, Oct 23 2007

When you will die
Heh, I'd like to see someone with a negative date here. [Shadow Phoenix, Oct 24 2007]

I see alot of "goths" finding true love.
-- rascalraidex, Oct 23 2007

"What does it mean, sometime last year? I want my money back."
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 23 2007

If you survive past your death date, that generally spurs lots of positive interest from other people in the same boat and you can find a date if your partner subsequently croaks. At some point, you're gonna die almost exactly the same time with someone, or die before them. It's a virtual win-win, as nobody ever dies alone.
-- daseva, Oct 23 2007

[admin: deliberately drab as a matter of policy, I've moved this into Business: Matchmaking - but I appreciate the author's very poetic choice of category: "Business: Please Hold".]

How good are insurance companies anyway at predicting one's time of death?
-- jutta, Oct 23 2007

They don't go broke often. Do they?
-- methinksnot, Oct 23 2007

//How good are insurance companies anyway at predicting one's time of death?// well, they got mine wron
-- xenzag, Oct 23 2007

//nobody ever dies alone.//

sp: everyone
-- k_sra, Oct 23 2007

This would never work because it would invariably hook up men with women who are 5 years older than them.

My experience with women is that very few of them are prepared to date a man more than 2 years younger than them. And most men prefer younger women too.
-- kinemojo, Oct 23 2007

To prove you are not always right, my s/o is eleven years younger than me.
-- xandram, Oct 23 2007

My partner of fourteen years is ten years my senior. My first partner was seven years my senior. My brother's partner is twenty-two years older than he is. His first wife was seven years older than him. It's not that unusual or undesirable.
-- nineteenthly, Oct 23 2007

"Hi, would you go out with me? Yeah, tonight. Sure, bring your cigarettes."

"Yeah, it's got to be tonight. No, seriously."
-- elhigh, Oct 23 2007

Ooh, I knew someone would comment on the age difference bit. My wife and I have 10 years between us. We met on her thirtieth birthday, and I was still three months shy of 20.

We've been together 20 years now.
-- elhigh, Oct 23 2007

This would make a good tie-in with a betting site. Or not.
-- wagster, Oct 23 2007

This is good stuff. + +
-- nomadic_wonderer, Oct 24 2007

Ah, I could finally get a girl. Ah well. Try the death clock. [link]
-- Shadow Phoenix, Oct 24 2007

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