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machine collage   (+1)  [vote for, against]
a composite picture made of images found by an automatic process,rather than leafing through journals with a pair of scissors

vector based drawing software, with lines and curves, grouped into objects,which have [instead of or as well as names, as in some 3d applications- where the objects are given names or something] a string of keywords,as in searchable image banks/ stock photography sites that are used to search these for matching images to go in the composition in these shapes. perhaps using the lines for a match for shapes & positionof components of objects[perspective,orientation & angles of buildings ,of limbs, leaves, wheels,etc] where/if it were possible
-- technobadger, Mar 15 2002

Manually created
I'm guessing this is what he wants automated... [phoenix, Mar 16 2002]

Well, he says collage not montage, so I'm guessing he want's to be able to tell the software "Airplane, pig, soap, sunset" and have the computer generate a collage of (found) images that match those keywords. Could be wrong, too.
-- phoenix, Mar 16 2002

I was expecting to find a sculpture made of different parts of different machines welded together. Disappointed.
-- neelandan, Mar 16 2002

not really bristolz
-- technobadger, Mar 16 2002

Yeah . . . well, count me out of the game.
-- bristolz, Mar 16 2002

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