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Food: Restaurant: Hi-Tech
maglev meals   (+4)  [vote for, against]
a restaurant using maglev technology and completely dispensing with waiters.

above the main restaurant area is a network of narrow tracks complete with curves and bends, rather like a rollercoaster, bringing your food piping hot directly from the restaurant kitchen to your table.

the chef clips magnetic attachments to both sides of the plate of food, chooses the correct destination e.g. table no 6, on his computerised masterboard, switches on the electricity, he carefully balances the plates just hovering millimetres above the track and sends it on its way to you.

below, the waiting customers are treated to the sight of all this crockery whizzing around at high speed and landing with precision on the table in front of them.
-- po, Apr 12 2003

German Resteraunt baked it (except for the MagLev part) [Voice, Apr 09 2008]

Sounds fun. Final distribution (sorting plates to the correct diners at the table) would be fairly exciting. "Pastry for table 1."
-- Don Quixote, Apr 12 2003

Maybe you could send iron-rich foods like liver without the plate.
-- FarmerJohn, Apr 12 2003

I'd love to see a sizzling balti dish go whizzing around.
-- egbert, Apr 12 2003

Yes, we'd like to begin with a round of magna-margaritas please.
And keep'm coming.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 12 2003

I'd like to buy that lady at table 1 a bun.
Hey, heyyy, Mon Sewer, Mon, No problem, Mon
-- thumbwax, Apr 12 2003

I favor dispensing with the waiters and using a trebuchet.
-- DrCurry, Apr 14 2003

There goes being able to visit your local greasy spoon for dinner, and being able to wake up the following morning after making out with a big, fat blondie waitress.
-- Bowner42, Apr 14 2003

-- po, Apr 14 2003

If you're going to exploit a technology, don't hold back... why not maglev the chef to the patron's table for final meal presentation or the reverse as each table's meal is ready for serving? Its a meal AND a rollercoaster ride, preferrably not in that order.
-- Prof Manitou, Apr 14 2003

//I favor dispensing with the waiters and using a trebuchet//

-- FloridaManatee, Apr 15 2003

Maglev technology looks neat but looks can be deceiving.
-- The Kat, May 10 2003

All that electromagnetic radiation may release too much mercury from the tuna.
-- mensmaximus, Dec 11 2004

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