Fashion: Fastener: Hook and Loop
medium strength velcro   (+1)  [vote for, against]
For when you want stuff to stick together but only a little.

Example of how this might be used is for blanket capes, which would benefit from being held on, but need to look like you dont care if they stay on.

Just to show I had actually thought the concept though, the baked ice of the velcro could be made of a softer material. This wold accomplish two things: 1) Softer barbs less successfully interlock with the looped side (causing medium strength. 2) it wold ensure the wearer feels no scratchiness on the barbed side.
-- bob, Nov 03 2014

example 1
blanket cape1 [bob, Nov 03 2014]

mens blanket cape http://www.pinteres...309974386823399829/
[bob, Nov 03 2014]

Reminds me of this. http://www.ideafind...ons/maskingtape.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 11 2014]

So, kind of the post-it note approach to velcro ?
-- normzone, Nov 03 2014

Fill the plastic hook side with fuzz?
-- RayfordSteele, Nov 03 2014

Rub the hook side on the cat.
-- lurch, Nov 04 2014

Just sit on it
-- pashute, Nov 04 2014

-- bob, Nov 06 2014

// Velcro clone // The problem with those is the change in holding power as it wears out quickly. This idea is for a consistently weak fastener.
-- scad mientist, Nov 06 2014

would so love quiet velcro! maybe if you twist it in a certain direction it releases silently?
-- reebob, Nov 11 2014

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