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monitor projector heating   (+2)  [vote for, against]
shine heat directly at people rather than heating a whole room

have an infra red camera on the ceiling, or in the corner of a room, linked to a computer and one of those monitor projectors, but one modified to shine infra red light instead of red green and blue; and have the projector and camera in roughly the same place, so heating wherever it detected heat,[likely people or animals] or you could get it to blank out some stationary block object such as maybe some electricals
-- technobadger, May 14 2007

This is a good idea, if it can be made practical.
-- baconbrain, May 14 2007

Damn My face is hot as hell but my ass is freezing!
-- jhomrighaus, May 14 2007

Time to turn over.
-- bungston, May 14 2007

Would work well with microwaves.
-- nuclear hobo, May 15 2007

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