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A built-in heater that keeps you warm when you're riding.

This may already exist, but if it does, I don't know about it. Nor do I have any idea how you'd build it, so I'm interested in suggestions. What about a climate-controlled function on a motorcycle that keeps you warm when you're riding on less-than-warm days? Sort of like the heater in your car, but on your motorcycle.
-- rachele, Jan 19 2001

Or c)... http://www.halfbake...Heated_20Underpants
[Monkfish, Jan 19 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Widder: Electrically Heated Riding Apparel
Baked (thanks, egnor) and soon you can be toasty, too! Vests, Gloves, Chaps. [jutta, Jan 19 2001]

Gerbing's Heated Clothing
Jackets, Jacket Liners, Vests, Pants, Gloves, Socks. [jutta, Jan 19 2001]

Climate control for motorcyclists http://www.spacedai...s/car-tech-03a.html
Re the "climate control" comments below, an article on cooling tech used during the Dakar desert race last year, including an in-helmet heat pump. [pbx, Oct 17 2004]

This is called, I believe, 'a car'. Or possibly '<intimate friend of appropriate gender>'.
-- StarChaser, Jan 20 2001

No, a "car" is an enclosed vehicle with four wheels and a trunk. A MOTORCYLE is not enclosed, has two wheels, and puts its rider at constant risk for injury and death--or at least a different kind of injury and death than a car does. What I'm proposing is something to keep the rider warm right before he tips over and becomes a statistic. Duh!
-- rachele, Jan 20 2001

Wind-chill is much more difficult to deal with in an unenclosed vehicle. Heat which is produced will instantly be blown away. So basically you'd either need a) something that generates an incredible deal of heat, or b) an enclosure which doesn't appear too car-ish. I'm thinking giant hamster ball.
-- nick_n_uit, Jan 21 2001

Electrically heated motorcycle suits (they plug in to an outlet on the bike) are baked and common.
-- egnor, Jan 21 2001

<makes a 'whoosh!' motion over Rachele's head...> I am fairly well acquainted with what a motorcycle is. This was 'humor'. 'A vehicle with a climate control'.

The second half was 'get someone to sit behind you with their arms around you'.
-- StarChaser, Jan 21 2001

On rmutt's only expedition on a snowmobile (horrid obnoxious loud things, but kind of a gas to drive) he was quite pleased to find that the hand grips were heated; quite effectively in fact.
-- rmutt, Jan 22 2001


Seriously? Heated hand grips? That's great! I've driven a snowmobile since I was a wee lass of seven years old, yet I've never driven one with heated hand grips. Then again, the ones I've driven are circa 1968 and some from the '70s. Too, I've lived in the South for 10 years. So this is news to me. I had no idea that such a thing existed!

Yeah, snowmobiles are loud and obnoxious. But they're SO MUCH fun. Even tipping the things over is a blast.

Anyway, as cold as it gets in Michigan, which is where I'm from, I can't imagine how heated hand grips are all that helpful. You're bundled up in about 900 pounds' worth of a snowmobile suit and you're wearing big fat gloves that suggest the ones worn by boxers, so how could you even feel the heated hand grips?

-- rachele, Jan 23 2001

A radiant heater could help the driver "feel" warmer, without having to heat up the constantly-moving air. Wind-chill would still be a problem, but the heater's effects might still be helpful.
-- supercat, Jan 23 2001

A full leather outfit (which I always wear) pretty much eliminates wind-chill. There's also usually a pretty nice amount of warm air around the engine on my motorcycle. I have the heated handgrips - very nice in Winter. I also have a wind screen on my cycle (just for looks) and it deflects a lot of the wind. Some cycles have heaters in the seats.
-- goodie, Jan 23 2001

In hot climates, though, a full leather outfit would be really uncomfortable. So then you'd need AC, too. You know, when you're at stop lights and stuff. I think a full climate-control system is what's needed.
-- rachele, Jan 23 2001 possible advantage of a system which piped hot exhaust gases from the bike through piping sewn into your suit would be that your whole body would throb attractively as you revved your bike while sitting at red traffic lights.

Back to work now...
-- hippo, Jan 23 2001

Bike air-con - what an idea...

Full leathers are fine when it's hot... as long as you keep moving.

Winter weather is horrible, though I do achieve a state of bliss by putting the bike into neutral at traffic lights, sticking my (gloved) hands into the sides of the bike and holding onto the top of the engine. As long as I still have feeling in my fingers before I do this then it's lovely. If I'v elost feeling by that point then it hurts.

Thought about heated grips last winter but opted for the cheaper (and easier to attach) option of bar muffs and lots of layers.
-- st3f, Apr 18 2001

Divers' neoprene suit, maybe special cold-water model? Or a drysuit over polypropylene fleece?
-- Dog Ed, Apr 19 2001

sure, it'd be warm, but who wants to be seen on a motorcycle wearing a diver's suit??
-- absterge, Apr 19 2001

Ummm. Eric Idle?

You could wear a tux over it, though.
-- Dog Ed, Apr 19 2001

You're all soft shites. Real bikers go out in all weathers.
-- Mayfly, Aug 02 2001

I take it that none of you have ever ridden a Goldwing? They have a hot/cold lever on them that controls the vent on your lower legs. It will throw some serious heat on them at slower speeds, say 40 mph and less. I ride mine down into the 20's with just a pair of jeans on without getting too cold.
-- Bluetick, Oct 07 2002

BMW already has a suit that plugs into their motorcycle that keeps you warm. It has been around for a number of years, but is quite expensive so not everyone purchased the option. I heard from someone else, but have not yet substantiated it that Yamaha has started having the warm-suit adapter available as well.
-- melissas70, Nov 01 2002

i was thinking to make an airscoop behind the aircooled engine or behind the fanshroud on a liquidcooled- with a 6/12v fan and some sort of splitter for different hoses, most likely one smaller than a garden hose one for each shoe/boot, one for pants, one to go into the riders jacket/sweater and another to go into a helmet. now this is custom fit and may effect the cooling of the engine in a bad way as far as throwing off the balance of heat between the front and back of the engine so it may have to be spaced quite a bit from the engine but not too far because it wont work well too far back and make sure there arent any headgasket coolant(where applicable) oil exhaust or any other kind of leaks otherwise the one in your helmet wont work and your clothes will smell bad
-- permafried, Nov 03 2011

of course one might feel compelled to take the idea from the exhaust heaters from the old vw bugs and a series of hoses into the riders clothes, hmm sounds a little far fetched i think i have a wetsuit i could just wear that under my clothes but i think someone already said something about that
-- permafried, Nov 03 2011

anyone know if there are any umbrella helmet attatchments its raining outside
-- permafried, Nov 03 2011

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