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I would like the ability to constrain certain folders such that all files in that folder have to have a name of a format which I determine (using something like a regular expression). For example, I might want filenames to start with a date in YYMMDD format, then have one of a set of values from a list, such as [letter | memo | report | ...], then have a bit of descriptive text, and then have a numeric version number. When I save files in this folder, I'd be presented with a dialog box with appropriate drop-downs, etc. to enter the various parts of the filename; when I drag and drop something into the folder I'd be presented with a similar "rename file" dialog.

I know I could just come up with a filename convention and stick to it, but this tends to fall into disuse and doesn't work on shared folders, which is why I want the ability to have the filing system mandate a naming convention.
-- hippo, Dec 19 2007

why don't you write a little python script that replaces New->Folder with a dialog where you enter the base name - then it tacks on the date at the end (i.e. 070601 - [russians])

you could have preset sub-suffixes such as: New->Folder (loans), New->Folder (payments), etc.

so it automatically capitalizes and catenates to:

070601 - Russian (loans)

but any interface that requires more clicks is a bad idea.

I guess the invention part of this is baked. Its just how you want to implement it.
-- mylodon, Dec 19 2007

This would work very well for shared folders at work. It might stop people saving files with names like "Agenda" or "Budget". Might even stop me doing it.
-- wagster, Dec 19 2007

You know, normally I log into HB to get away from crap like this.
-- mylodon, Dec 19 2007

good point
-- mylodon, Dec 20 2007

<obligatory> You can do this on a Mac using folder actions. </obligatory>
-- ed, Dec 20 2007

I typically click an already-used file in the folder in my save-as window and then manually modify the namestring to have the date at the end. It's useful for grouping all file versions together.
-- RayfordSteele, Dec 20 2007

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