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nice knobs   (+10, -4)  [vote for, against]
hand-cream filled door knobs

massaging hand cream into your hands, after washing them, keeps them youthful and soft. where’s the point in having beautifully painted nails if the hands are calloused and rough?

however, this is all very time-consuming and generally people forget half the time. I calculate that at the very least I spend 1% of my life washing my hands (after visiting the little girls’ room, before food preparation and after petting/grooming the cats) and that would just be including the cursory * showing-the-hands-the-tap * that often happens in hurried moments rather than the * oh-fuck-what-was-that, that-I-just-picked-up-without-looking * kinda more lengthy painful skin-removing scrub.

I propose to take advantage of the fact that the insides of household doorknobs are pretty much vacant places and if by grabbing said door handle, one could be rewarded with a spurt of sweet smelling lotion into the palm of one’s hand every time we enter or exit a room, handcare would be completed at a stroke.

n.b. I was originally going to suggest banisters that might administer hand cream but decided that was heading for a slippery slope.
-- po, Feb 13 2006

//a spurt of sweet smelling lotion// - "What's that on your trousers?" - "Ermm - I stood too close to the door..."
-- hippo, Feb 13 2006

what happens when your hands are full and you have to stoop down and twist the knob in your mouth ? +
-- xenzag, Feb 13 2006

If you are the lead member of a group entering a room for, say, a crucial showdown meeting, you will, in an effort to massage in the cream before the handshakes begin, step into the room rubbing your hands together in a manner that could only really be characterised as evil, while your minions trail behind.
-- calum, Feb 13 2006

//after visiting the little girls’ room//

I'd like to know what the big girls' room is like.
-- skinflaps, Feb 13 2006

Is that meant to be critism?

This is a great idea, although it might be hard to rub it all in quickly.
-- dbmag9, Feb 13 2006

How do you put the hand cream in the door knob? Would you have to remove the knob first? I sort of like the idea except for wondering about this.
-- xandram, Feb 13 2006

Probably need to have a separate "man handle" so males can use the door.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 13 2006

G_C, real men know to look after their skin. skinflaps may elaborate...

or not.
-- po, Feb 13 2006

Does this work for knockers as well as knobs?
-- hippo, Feb 14 2006

Creamy knockers? You filthy man you. Go and say ten "Hail Croissants".
-- wagster, Feb 14 2006

can we dredge this up to the ideas forum we love?...
-- po, Feb 14 2006

// slippery slope //

My head hurts.
-- pigonthewing, Feb 15 2006

[='./+] Sorry, my finger kept slipping
-- Dub, Feb 16 2006

I know, grasping the knob might be a problem...
-- po, Feb 16 2006

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