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night night tweetie pie! "screen saver"   (-1)  [vote for, against]
the ultimate in automatic cage covers for pet birds.

following the night-night tweetie pie automatic sandpaper scrolling device, the manufacturers are proud to bring you the automatic nap / night-time cage cover for your beloved bird.

sound sensors in the device are timed so that after half an hour’s silence in the cage; no scuttling-around-at-the-bottom noises or creaky swing sounds or “why don’t I just peck the ugly brute on the other side of that mirror?” type sounds or the noise of empty seed husks being whinnowed around the cage sorta noise or little slurps in the water bowl or indeed any form of chirruping, whistling, singing or swearing, then the device silently operates in the sure knowledge that the bird is asleep.

the sensor is attached to a small motor which silently and slowly brings down the heavy theatre type curtains around the cage to ensure our feathered friend gets a good nights sleep (optional extra is the model of a little organist that arises from a pit in front of the cage door to play a lullaby).

you need to wake your bird in a hurry? clapping your hands once or twice will put the cage back to daylight mode.

or ‘tis morning – but soft, what light through yonder window breaks?’ etc and our pet commences singing or tapdancing on the cage floor after a goodnight’s sleep and the curtain rises. it’s a new day.
-- po, Feb 18 2003

I wouldn't have thought a bird would care. If they do, perhaps we should set about starting a charity to get these set up in trees everywhere.
-- phoenix, Feb 18 2003

"I tought I taw a puddy...oh darn curtain!"

So you clap for an encore?
-- FarmerJohn, Feb 18 2003

Saves from the incredible embarrassment of exclaiming 'Oh dear, I forgot to flip the bird!' on a night out.
-- RayfordSteele, Feb 18 2003

Seems like my bird is quite lazy. Every time I come home from work the cover is down. In fact I haven't seen that bird for weeks. By the way, what's that smell?
-- Worldgineer, Feb 18 2003

Not very knowledgeable on this topic... but I thought one put the cover over the cage in order to get the bird to shut up and go to sleep. I was not aware you had to wait until the bird went snooze. Wouldn't you risk waking it up?
-- waugsqueke, Feb 18 2003

(My 'ma' always tossed tweetie into the cupboard.)
-- skinflaps, Feb 18 2003

just to interrupt for a second, does anyone ever get an 'internal server error' maessage when they try to open certain threads on the hb, and is there any way to get past it? i can't access one of my ideas.
-- sambwiches, Feb 18 2003

sam, dear. ask bakesperson - she who knows most everything.
-- po, Feb 18 2003

worth a try, i suppose. unfortunately, i tend to have no luck with site admin anywhere. if i ever get an answer it tends to be useless, or just a redirection to a phone number - see my thread 'Projected Timescales' for a handy example!
-- sambwiches, Feb 18 2003

Don't worry, she's usually around.
-- RayfordSteele, Feb 18 2003

sam, bakesperson is omnipresent here - thank goodness
-- po, Feb 18 2003

That's unlikely to happen to you here, sambwiches. Just e-mail
-- snarfyguy, Feb 18 2003

damn, its annoying. i can't get into my truth game thread, so i can't read how much my idea is being torn apart.
-- sambwiches, Feb 18 2003

[sambwiches] you really don't wanna's going've got the entire HB in there!
-- skinflaps, Feb 18 2003

sam, you gotta get in there. I can't believe DrCurry said that about you.
-- waugsqueke, Feb 18 2003

you guys are evil.
-- sambwiches, Feb 18 2003

whoops, Gail is having a go at blissy now.
-- po, Feb 19 2003

-- po, Feb 19 2003

-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 01 2003

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