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eyebrows for the nose,as adam ant had tape

there is a lack of hair between the nose and eyes,and why should there be this absence?
-- technobadger, Mar 09 2001

um, actually, I rather wish there *was* such an absence. In my case, I find my own unibrow tendencies rather unappealing, and do everything I can to eliminate their evidence. (fortunately, this hair doesn't grow nearly as furiously as it does elsewhere)
-- absterge, Mar 09 2001

Not true technobadger. The nose carefully conceals it's brows on the inside, in case of fire.
-- DrBob, Mar 09 2001

The answer is simple enough. When you're looking at a person (like talking to them or lustfully staring or whatever) do you look at their eyes or their nose? I'm counting on you to say 'eyes'. This, of course, gives the eyes a huge ego. So what do they do? They go out for flair in the form of hair. Eyebrows make the eyes stand out even more. Noses are insecure and don't wish to make themselves more noticeable so they don't (usually) go out of their way for attention. (In the case of unibrows: it's just the nose's way of trying to fit in with the 'in crowd'. The nose obviously has some security issues.)
-- ichinichi, Jun 12 2001

my monkey mate Geoff doesn`t have this problem.

[sorry if that edit makes for confusingness of your note david.... david.... david can you hear me?]
-- goatfaceKilla, May 09 2005

Goatface... pardon?
-- david_scothern, May 09 2005

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