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A social networking site for anything but your face.

Ok, the real idea extends to exclude anything but your body, really. This would be a site for things that aren't you, but they have some sort of life and lifespan because of you. You could literally put anything you want up there. Your t-shirt for god's sake.

Now, It appears that there is a type of ownership that must be excluded. That is, the owning of other people. Cause then you could put 'your' sexytime partner on there and we would just end up with a contorted version of the original boring as fuck site.

Granted, a t-shirt's life is not as good as mine one would hope. But, it occurs to me that there is a natural tendency to personify things and this just feels like the next step.

Let us consider a potential aid for this. Say you get your laptop's profile up on notfacebook. Suddenly, something goes wrong and where might you look for advice? Well, where do you go for advice? Your friends, that's right. If your laptop had friends on this site, then it could go there for help.

I am also aware of the catbook and dogbook applications on facebook, though I am unaware of the idea extending to inanimate objects.
-- daseva, Dec 09 2010 Domain for sale. Any takers? [ping, Dec 10 2010]

How do you know your T-shirt and laptop aren't already signed up?
-- pocmloc, Dec 09 2010

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