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novelty electronic cakes   (+10)  [vote for, against]
light fuse and retire…

well, not exactly light fuse and retire – more press button on remote control and cross fingers.

hidden inside these cakes is a novelty just primed to leap out of the cake at any given moment – such as when birthday boy/girl is blowing out the candles. no dangerous missiles involved whatsoever; the novelty just nestles on the top of the cake surrounded by bits of marzipan, dried fruit etc. the only danger is posed by a flying nut.

for the children perhaps Buzz Lightyear breaking through the surface of the icing to the cry of “To infinity and beyond…”

most popular is the novelty ‘scantily-dressed model leaps joyfully out of cake’ birthday cake for your young man about town amidst the sound of applause, fireworks and explosions.

NB not quite sure yet what would be appropriate for a wedding ceremony but I am working on it, in time for a certain hb forthcoming nuptials.
-- po, Nov 14 2004

A 'Sonic Varminter with Unabubba Collimator', of course. Non-œB newlyweds may not appreciate it as much as the folk 'round here, though.
-- vigilante, Nov 14 2004

who's getting married then? ;)
-- jonthegeologist, Nov 14 2004

well if it's not [po] and it's not [jtg], who can it be?
-- hippo, Nov 15 2004

Gag cake: Have a bunch of these installed, but program them to not quite make it through the surface. Have them wriggle up and down for a while, making little squeeking noises. Then have one pop out, beady red rat eyes staring at the person being celebrated.
-- Worldgineer, Nov 15 2004

Must be blissy and waugs. Certainly not me, unless one of you is on the verge of popping the question.
-- lintkeeper2, Nov 15 2004

gag cake is great!
-- po, Nov 15 2004

I'll take one of the Buzz Lightyear cakes for my nephew, please. Do you accept MasterCard?
-- krelnik, Nov 15 2004

and... we love ugly stories
-- po, Nov 16 2004

The lights are dimmed and the cake is brought out to her. There is an expectant hush as from the cake there is movement. Rising slowly at first from the center of the cake, covered in sticky cream and icing with glace cherries slipping down the shaft, it becomes bigger and harder and points straight upwards. Her eyes widen, as she leans forward to blow her birthday cake.
-- benfrost, Nov 16 2004

[ben], what you just described is every woman's dream. <smirk>

This cake idea would've been great for my sister's 30th birthday party this past Sunday. We could have had the Grim Reaper pop out of it (my sister sees turning 30 as a death sentence).
-- Machiavelli, Nov 16 2004

Could it be Ken?
-- skinflaps, Nov 17 2004

actually, it is me ... well ... it could be me.
-- jonthegeologist, Nov 18 2004

nice thought!
-- po, Nov 19 2004

//no dangerous missiles involved whatsoever.// Aww.

What if I bought a dangerous missle cake? Would it be defective before I even serve it?
-- Letsbuildafort, Nov 19 2004

This just got churned and bunned. + (not burned)
-- xandram, Sep 18 2012

So, [jonthegeologist], how was it?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 18 2012

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