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nut-shooter camera attachment   (+5)  [vote for, against]
...probably of only interest to people who like to photograph wildlife.

to get the wildlife excited and interested in your photographic pursuits and ready to gather around posing for snapping purposes, unless you have all the time in the world and the wealther is clement, then its always a good idea to have plenty of nuts, fruits, broken biscuit, breadcrumbs etc about your person.

it will not be long before camera person observes that possessing 3 arms would be useful; 2 for the camera and one to fling the crumbs to the correct distance for the pre-set focus (not mention the mess that buttery crumbs and fatty nuts can make to your lens and other buttons and such).

what I propose is an attachment for your camera that takes the shape of a hopper containing a day's supply of mixed nuts and crumbs and a peashooter type device which you can hold in your mouth and blow crumb after crumb in as rapid a fashion as required. the nut-shooter will be attached in such a way that the treats are blown in the correct direction and trajectory - distance is dependant on the precision of one's blow and will obviously be very much a learned art.

for those out in the fresh air for the benefit of their health, a digital read-out of lung capacity is an additional option.
-- po, Feb 16 2008

If you can make it powerful and directional, and align the aiming point with the centre of the viewfinder, you'll be able to bring down birds so that they can be photographed at leisure.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 16 2008

So, not a device to discourage flashers while you are out and about twitching then...?
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 16 2008

naughty, naughty MB.

CF, oh you don't mean camera flashers that frighten birds away then?
-- po, Feb 16 2008

Oh I see, it's for wildlife photography - I thought it was intended to be a confused-face generator for portraits.

I think that would make a nice series of pictures; the recently be-nutted.
-- fridge duck, Feb 16 2008

quite right UB!

remind me to give you a slap in the very near future - see U on flickr!

hmm, I spy sensitive nuts in my crosshair
-- po, Feb 16 2008

Up-short shots?
-- Ling, Feb 17 2008

is that a drink?
-- po, Feb 18 2008

Can't you just put out something the birds can't eat all at once? Like one of those seed cakes?

Or spread superglue on the ground around your breadcrumbs?
-- DrCurry, Feb 19 2008

<sigh> if it were that easy, DC.
-- po, Feb 19 2008

You need to purchase a pair of fruit 'n' nut dispensers.
-- skinflaps, Feb 19 2008

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