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Fashion: Display
optical illusionary clothing   (+6)  [vote for, against]
strategically placed illusions on clothes to enhance your features.

as I am sure you are aware, some patterns can appear to the naked eye as though they are moving. it would be simplicity itself to embroider or print patterns onto clothing.

fancy wiggling like Marilyn Monroe? just slap a target shape on your bottom or try two on your t-shirt to wobble those wobbly bits without even moving.

the lads could wear them on their chest to interest the girls with incredibly pulsating pectorals, bulging biceps or indeed flatten that beer gut.
-- po, Dec 10 2005

Michael Bach's illusions
[po, Dec 10 2005]

Some optical illusions used in clothing
[DrCurry, Dec 10 2005]

wow. http://illusionsetc...tical-illusion.html
[po, Dec 12 2005]

In all fairness, I think we already do. Why otherwise the prescriptions for wearing stripes, or not, and all those fabrics that change color depending on the angle?
-- DrCurry, Dec 10 2005

I'm after wobbles & pulsating rather than just thinning.
-- po, Dec 10 2005

While someone with normal vision observes an attractive wiggle, someone with astigmatism observes a seizure.
-- Shz, Dec 11 2005

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