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When you lose the cheap dispenser...

For cellophane type packing tape (you know, the kind that you can't even find the end of, much less get it unstuck from the rest of the roll...) Just leave a small amount of the edge with no adhesive. Maybe 1/8" of the very edge of the roll would be without.

What about a small string embedded in the tape? If you're careful cutting the string, you could get a little tail to start the tape, and once the tape is on, the string would be like a zip-strip to open the box. Just lift string and pull, like a dogfood bag.
-- wittyhoosier, Mar 24 2006

just screw it up a little on the roll - I know what you mean...

hey, a new kind of cellotape that is not gluey at the edges? makes sense!
-- po, Mar 24 2006

I'm worried the fringe-like edges might cause the tape to peel off your packing more easily. E.g. if one box rubs against another box.
-- phundug, Mar 24 2006

This is actually 2 good ideas. To counter [phundug]'s reasonable concern, one could make that 1/8' also sticky, but on the reverse side. After doing your tape job, flip that tab over and stick it down to the adjacent tape.
-- bungston, Mar 26 2006

Good ideas: particularly the pull string one. If the tape was fluorescent, then the end edge would light up.
-- Ling, Mar 26 2006

Oddly, a tape company once made masking tape that was sticky only on the edges. The car-painters didn't like it, and one compared the manufacturers to the stereotyped stinginess of all Scotch persons. The tape company promptly changed its name to Scotch Tape.

Or so the story goes. No offense intended to the Scots. Bun for the idea--it will make it easier to get tape off packages before recycling.
-- baconbrain, Mar 28 2006

I agree - this is 2 good ideas. Just one bun though.
-- energy guy, Oct 16 2006

//Just leave a small amount of the edge with no adhesive.//
Fringe benefit.
-- Ling, Oct 17 2006

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