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perforated dog biscuits   (+1)  [vote for, against]
little perforations criss cross in a dog biscuit.

my dog has gone off his biscuits. I thinks its because his teeth are sensitive or something.

I really want him to get his roughage and the exercise to his gums that biscuits give him.

little perforations would help the initial nibbles and ensure a healthy digestion.
-- po, Oct 26 2003

I always wondered; why do dog biscuits come in fancy shapes? It's not like the dog gives a rats ass. (+) Makes em' easier to snap in half too!
-- silverstormer, Oct 26 2003

Would save me the trouble of biting them in half and spitting them out for Rover. Although they do taste quite tasty. (+)
-- Klaatu, Oct 26 2003

// why do dog biscuits come in fancy shapes? //

So humans will buy them.
-- waugsqueke, Oct 26 2003

My perforated dog would love these.
-- hippo, Oct 26 2003

Sorry Darling but you are quite mad
-- The Kat, Oct 26 2003

Maybe you need a sensitive teeth dog biscuit variant? Like the toothpaste.
-- waugsqueke, Oct 26 2003

Or perhaps switch to a meat-based cat kibble (e.g., Purina ONE Lamb & Rice Formula), that would still have the roughage you want but is already in smaller pieces that might be easier to chew. Admittedly, though, I have yet to see a healthy dog that "nibbled" rather than "scarfed".
-- jurist, Oct 26 2003

Ha. At first pass, I only read : "Or perhaps switch to a meat-based cat."
-- Detly, Oct 26 2003

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