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Send a postcard with yourself in it.

Once a camera / photo printer combination has been set up in an Internet Cafe in a tourist destination, electronic and (for the cost of printing) real postcards of the vicinity can be sent, not a fake backdrop, simply the current view.

Or, instead of an Internet Cafe, use a laptop/printer combination on a street vendor cart with a battery, connected to its Internet feed by wireless. (This could initially be sponsored by the printer manufacturer.)

If a short loop of frame captures is continuously stored and updated, the sender may still be able to find him- or herself on that loop, captured as part of the street scene without being aware of it.

(Yes, this probably has privacy problems.)
-- jutta, Sep 01 1999

Personalized Post Cards (Polaroid version) http://www.halfbake...ized_20post_20cards
As a product, not a service. [jutta, Sep 01 1999]

From a CNN article about the newly opened "metreon" in SF: ".. more than 1,600 visitors per day are sending e-mail ``postcards'' of themselves from the store". (This is apparently virtual-only, though.)
-- jutta, Sep 04 1999, last modified Sep 18 1999

Baked. Several times over. I was at the Saint Louis Arch, and in the gift shop they had a machine set up, which took your picture, then sent an email post card. That was a good 3 or 4 years ago, too. Also, there's a site which sends out real post cards, with any image you want on them, including your own that you can download.
-- DreamGoddess, Dec 01 2000

Cool! Can you find a link to the real postcard site?
-- jutta, Dec 01 2000

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