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Let me read your dents

Phrenology predated psychology with the assumption that the shapesand bumps on a persons skull defined their personality. Car phrenology works in the opposite sense by analysing dents and telling you what kind of driver you are. of course these dents and crashes may not be your fault. A bit like psychology, really.
-- giligamesh, May 26 2009

Think Fast, Father Ted
From about 4'00''. Also contains a collabsible 10' pole, an idea that seems to have disappeared from the halfbakery. [spidermother, Jun 05 2011]

I like this, actually.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, May 26 2009

seems to me that many people have shiny undented cars due to the fact that they are NEW, due to the fact that their previous car was totaled. a cursory examination of such a car would give the driver a completely inaccurate bill of health.
-- WcW, May 26 2009

I've often considered this - that you can tell a driver's weaknesses by the placement of the car's scrapes and dents...
-- po, May 27 2009

Crumpled bonnet - drives with eyes shut.
-- wagster, May 27 2009

Or scrapes on the wings because "the gateposts on our driveway are too close together".
-- hippo, May 27 2009

excellent idea
-- xenzag, May 27 2009

I'm holding out for "retrophrenology for cars" Or even better, "retrophrenology for drivers".
-- Custardguts, May 27 2009

Could phrenology thus be called the predator of psychology?
-- loonquawl, May 27 2009

This would be a useful skill when buying a 2nd-hand car.
-- zen_tom, May 27 2009

I have a vision of a sort of Spock style (Star Trek) mind merge... with a white coated technician exploring the car's dimpled surface with long probing fingers. It's an image I quite like.
-- xenzag, May 27 2009

There's always room for a bit more quackery in the world and xenzag's anno has persuaded me to croissantage.
-- DrBob, May 27 2009

It's a brilliant idea.... I'm going to become its agent and start offering training courses and franchises.
-- xenzag, May 27 2009

the power applied by a magnetic action 'cork-screw' bump-in-plate corrector tool, could used to excert correction to the feable minded,.

driving with your eyes closed, or going the wrong direction, against trafic, can be cured also. An applied wake-up procedure to be administered.
-- sirau, Jun 05 2011

Combining the spock and magnetic ideas, I see a Spock with magnetic finger tips, who can tell if there is any hidden phrenology to be eeked out.
-- Ling, Jun 05 2011

This could definitely reveal that I'm the kind of person whose garage contains no actual room for any type of vehicle, thus allowing my wife's beloved Envoy to fall victim to a recent hailstorm.
-- Alterother, Jun 05 2011

Make it up to her by building a flamethrower, to protect her car in the next hailstorm.

On second thought, maybe not.
-- mouseposture, Jun 05 2011

Too late, I've already got my goggles on; there's no stopping me now. Know where I can get my hands on a cheap second-hand PHALANX system?
-- Alterother, Jun 08 2011

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