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pinball w/ video jukebox   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Combine a video jukebox with a pinball game

Just about the entire point of a pinball display is to distract the player from his/her game so that the balls drop faster while keeping the player attracted so that the quarters also drop faster.

What better way than to have hot rock star videos playing at the top? Also, a bit of interactivity should keep the players trying for higher scores. For example. The videos are always loaded with the top ten and it starts on #10. After each level is cleared, the next higher video gets played.

A nice intro at the start of each level from some hottie could also insure that the balls drop quick.

Another point is that having a nice video playing should attract the attention and appreciation of other patrons. If the player fails to drop a quarter after losing, he/she knows that the video will stop, much to the displeasure of the others. Maybe even a "oh! Sorry, YOU LOSE, goodbye sweetie..." from the vj.
-- James Newton, Jul 17 2004

this is a good idea. i went bowling at the house of blues in chicago where they play music videos on massive displays lining the wall at the end of the lanes. i certainly bowled longer, and worse than i would have without the distraction. (+)
-- xclamp, Jul 20 2004

Ooh, ooh, can I suggest an improvement? Make the songs NEW! No one's ever heard them before (but they're written by famous bands for this game). So you have to keep on playing if you want to hear all of them.
-- phundug, Jul 20 2004

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