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catalogue pop song meanings

A web and database application that attempts to catalogue human experience in terms of the subjects, themes, and metaphors used in pop songs, with an abnormally enlarged branch on nuances of lost love, no doubt.
-- jutta, Dec 18 1998

Movie cliche list
Unfortunately, with a few notable exceptions, I think most pop song lyrics are sufficiently hackneyed that such a thesaurus would look more like a list of cliches. Sometimes a *long* list: the number of possible metaphors for sex fair boggles the mind. -- R. "whole lotta love" Mutt. [rmutt, Dec 18 1998]

Goog, or other search engines, works great as a cliche/slang/ephemera dictionary. Don't know what "goombah" or "wank" means? Do a search. How cliched is anything with "" -- type it in and count the hits. (Kudos to Jorn Barger of for suggesting this usage.) [rmutt, Dec 18 1998]

Songs that have ambiguous lyrics, with different meanings in different contexts. Bastardize them in your direction by changing a few of the words. E.g. "Van Diemen's Land" by U2 retooled towards the longing for earth by Mars explorers/settlers.
-- dean, Jan 07 2000

Quick -- what's another word for thesaurus?
-- wab, Mar 03 2000

Quick - get the thesaurus and look up 'wank' for me, will ya? =)
-- koz, Mar 09 2000

And here I was thinking of a thesaurus that listed Sprite as a synonym for 7-Up...
-- bookworm, Jul 23 2000

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