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Prescription windshields for drivers who require glasses

This is a Billy Connolly idea - people who normally wear glasses or contacts while driving could instead get prescription windshields made up instead, saving you the hassle of having to wear glasses in the car. The only problem is that no one else could drive your car.

This idea could be extended to prescription windows on your house etc.
-- ronan, Mar 29 2000

...and a prescription window for looking into your microwave, of course. And what about prescription mirrors?
-- hippo, Mar 29 2000

Unfortunately, would only work for one optical "sweet spot" -- viewing from any other point would result in a highly distorted view. Also, using conventional optics my particular windshield would be probably 10 inches thick. However, you could use a Fresnel lens, and even make it out of that tacky plastic that sticks to glass. This would be portable: just peel it off and take it with you to your microwave or rental car. (Isn't everyone but me getting laser surgery anyway?)
-- rmutt, Mar 30 2000

There's a danger of parts of the inside of the car bursting into flames if you're driving towards the sun... (and you're long-sighted).
-- hippo, Apr 10 2000

Fix the eye, not the glass. If you can't, wear glasses.
-- erik, Jul 09 2000

Wouldn't the chap inside the car perhaps look terribly wee? Or terrifyingly large? Wouldn't the whole system risk confusing birds, and having them crash through the glass, there to damage ones upholstery? It's all too scary, I think, although a fine idea nonetheless.
-- eehen, Jul 09 2000

Only *problem* is that no one else could drive your car??? This is the best anti-theft device ever.
-- phundug, Apr 03 2003

As you say, halfbaked by billy connolly... Very funny sketch though, where he talks about looking in your rearview mirror and theres some fella with an enormous head zooming down the motorway.
-- Seaneeboy, Apr 08 2003

Isn't this [WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR] or something?
-- 1kester, Apr 08 2003

I would modify the concept so that the magnifying lenses hung about one's waist, thus seeming to enlarge umm... errrrr.. ummmm

-- eyeguy, Jan 23 2004

If your eyes are really bad, and you normally wear glasses that are as thick as the bottom of coke bottles, then when you're driving down the road, if the oncoming traffic flashed their high beams at you, it would focus the light on you like an ant with a magnifying glass! Not to mention during the day, to oncoming cars your head would look to be the size of a large serving tray! This giant head with squinty eyes trying to see the radio in his own car to change the station!
-- DonBirnam, Jan 23 2004

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