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A forum for the not-so good idea


I am sure that many of us are intimidated by the critical responses to our various postings, the postings described by many readers as being uncreative or just plain stupid.

Therefore, I propose a forum, similar to half-bakery but for the dumb and uncreative ideas that would have little or no interest to others or ideas that are just plain un-useful. The Quarter bakery forum will provide folks with a public forum to announce their half (or less) than good ideas without diluting the trully good ones posted on halfbakery.

el dueno
-- el dueno, Feb 26 2009

How about this? Praising_20decent_2...and_20run_20away_2e
Why can't we all just get along? [nineteenthly, Feb 26 2009]

I so miss my male best friend pre 2006 http://www.halfbake...m/user/quarterbaker
[po, Feb 26 2009, last modified Feb 27 2009]

EZBakery EZBakery
[xaviergisz, Feb 26 2009]

Do you have a particular recent discussion in mind?
-- nineteenthly, Feb 26 2009

[po] I was sure I was your best halfbaked friend. (walks away in tears never to return.)
-- blissmiss, Feb 26 2009

Dueno, I know that this is meant to be wry humor, but you know that one function of the halfbakery is to take shuddering, dumb, uncreative ideas, put them thru boot camp, and have them stride boldly forth from the woodshed, fire-cured, steely-eyed, bursting with muscle and dripping with custard.

I propose that you submit one such idea right now and let the process begin. Oh wait, here it is! Excellent!
-- bungston, Feb 26 2009

<hands blissy a tissue>

link edited.
-- po, Feb 27 2009

What happened to the sixteenth-bakery scrolling text idea? I thought it was great, and had a lot of lively annotations. (including some of mine!)
-- xenzag, Mar 01 2009

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