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Fashion: Pattern
random weave   (+1)  [vote for, against]
more interesting tartan

have tartan cloth with varying thickness of the bands of colour,and the order in which they appear. not too random ,or it might merge into a mess . varying the angles may be harder. think --- maybe random printed/embroidered clothing ,for gibberish slogans ,or randomly stitched shirts; with sleeves and tails branching ot at odd intervals along other sleeves,made of different material. with these later clothes it can be up to the wearer how to wear it
-- technobadger, Jun 28 2001

Isn't this called 'haute couture'?
-- angel, Jun 29 2001

Not sure about random branching of sleeves... Sleeves are in the position they are in cuz its functional as are most other elements of garments.
-- eve_604, Jan 16 2007

random, halfbakery