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Sport: Fighting: Jousting
recursive jousting   (+17, -2)  [vote for, against]
thought up while trying to think of something more original than bicycle jousting

This would somewhat like normal jousting, with two armor-clad men with long lances charging at each other on very large horses. But holding on to the hilt of the pole is a small chimp wearing a saddle. He scampers down the pole during the charge. Riding on his back is a rhesus monkey with his own smaller lance. At the hilt of the rhesus monkey lance is a little tamarind monkey being ridden by a squirrel. The squirrel has a tiny little lance as well. And that's where it ends, because anything smaller would just be silly. All of the animals are speed-tested to insure that the monkeys and squirrels arrive at the end of their laces at the same time. The horses run, the chimps scamper down the lances, the rhesus monkeys scamper down the chimps' lances, the tamarind monkeys scaper down the rhesus monkeys' lances and everymonkey simultaneously bashes into each other. Then they all jump around like a bunch of pissed off monkeys.

(NOTE: This is *not* my idea, but an old one that was lost. Does anyone know who posted it originally?)
-- spidermother, Jul 22 2006

Zeno's Paradox http://www.mathacad...articles/zeno_tort/
I'm sure I first encountered this using the example of a flying arrow, which would have continued the dangerous pointy-pointy sharp things aspect of the idea. [lostdog, Jul 22 2006]

Recursive Jousting http://www5.geometr...ting_page_no_4.html
Ripped for a jousting website. Corporate Sponsorship For Jousting Tournaments is in there too. [spidermother, Jul 22 2006]

//because anything smaller would just be silly// not to me ! I want red mites charging at each other using mice whiskers as jousting poles +
-- xenzag, Jul 22 2006

I was hoping for the squirrel to have a jousting frog, with a trained jousting cricket, and a jousting flea.

Jousting parameciums would be a bit overkill, at least until UHDTV (Ultra high definition Television) comes out... since they would otherwise be contained in the same pixel as the jousting flea.
-- ye_river_xiv, Jul 22 2006

I'm absolutely loving this for some reason, and not just for the "Then they all jump around like a bunch of pissed off monkeys" line. Reminds me of Zeno's paradox (not the esteemed 'baker, the older, more classical guy).

Where did you find this lance-tastic little gem, spidermother?
-- lostdog, Jul 22 2006

You may collect one reinstatement bun by proxy.

Yeah, how did you get it? It reads like the original.
-- wagster, Jul 22 2006

(link) As far as I can tell it is the original. All the standard links and even the tagline at the time (//Inexact change//) are there. No annos though.

(edit) OMG, if I change the capitalisation of the title, then the title in the linked article (which is all lowercase and is currently a dead link) should work. Wait...

(later) It works! They now link to each other, in a _recursive_ way. Now, if this idea linked to a smaller idea, which in turn linked...
-- spidermother, Jul 22 2006

I'd really like this to get re-adopted by its original author. (Maybe it was deleted on purpose, and we shouldn't override the author's editing decisions, just because we may disagree with them.)

It's not so much "a jousting website" as a general link/search result farm used to drive up the owner's page rank, I'm guessing.
-- jutta, Jul 23 2006

"...and a bump on a log at the bottom of the sea."

Something about [ye_river_xiv]'s anno brought that to mind.
-- The Acrimonious Obfuscator, Jul 23 2006

I posted it originally.
-- nomocrow, Aug 19 2014

I know a stunt man who used to joust on the ren fair circuit. He played the bad guy and had to take all the falls. I think he could appreciate this, but it's difficult enough to maintain a horse, much less a menagerie.
-- normzone, Aug 20 2014

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