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d.js mixing dodgy old tunes

given some dodgy stuff off the net,or from a second hand record shop,get the djs to sample,cut and mix something funky
-- technobadger, Oct 11 2001

Remix Fight!
Internet version [Acme, Oct 04 2004]

Will they be able to crush a car with it though?
-- CoolerKing, Oct 11 2001

Isn't this what they do with all those Christmas Melee Compendium CDs that they are bringing out now as we speak!
-- po, Dec 01 2001

While it would be interesting to see what someone might do with, say, 'Blue Moon' or 'Blueberry Hill', how does one decide the winner?
-- phoenix, Dec 02 2001

-- po, Dec 02 2001

Po, what are you pounding on?
-- StarChaser, Dec 02 2001

prozac - think its working
-- po, Dec 02 2001

Really? Most people just swallow the pills with some water...
-- StarChaser, Dec 02 2001

This would make good TV. Club DJs have rediculously over-inflated egos, which makes for hilarious televison!!
-- Minimal, Jul 05 2005

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